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  1. Is that when your problems started? Mad!!! Mine started on the 28th. I got one short post in on that day then... nothing ...so I now have WordPress installed on my site, but I have a major learning curve to overcome. It has a template that I can mess around with to merge it into the rest of the site design, but it is much more complicated than the blogger template. ahh... if only blogger... I am impressed that I (without a lick of help from anyone) could install it and not mess it up. I learned a lot tonight about setting up a mySQL database and user! Anyhow, my "new" blog (yet very ugly at the time being) can be viewed here whilst BLOGGER misbehaves. Best of luck to you with the unpublishing Blogger. Jennifer
  2. I find that I have had no charms with publishing since April 28th and have not heard back from Blogger concerning my contacting them as well. I have been surfing and surfing to compare Textpattern with WordPress and cannot come to a quick decision about which will be better for me in the long run. I think I'm leaning toward wordpress simply because they seem to have more information readily available to a newbie like me and because I have read that it will import all of my Blogger archives and current posts (although I don't know how quite yet). I agree 100% about Blogger's easiness to modify and I'm aiming to make the transition to another publishing system without having to re-design my site in the least (although I am itching for a new look and will probably fiddle around with one over the summer, but not quite yet!) if at all possible. AMEN! I DO miss it terribly!
  3. Whew... I read on the haloscan forums that they were moving servers or something like that, so I figured the source of my problems had to go back to them sooner or later. I removed all references to haloscan on my blogger template, though, and I am s-t-i-l-l unable to publish. I try about every 10-30 minutes that I'm on the computer and it is very frustrating.... sorry that you experienced this as well, but at least I'm not alone. I have been checking out (and even downloaded) WordPress but I am very confused on where to begin with it, so I'm probably going to play the waiting game with blogger/haloscan while I figure out what I'm doing and how to install WordPress to experiment with it over the next few days. I'm most frustrated by not being able to vent my frustrations on my blog! -Jennifer
  4. I've been using Blogger since the beginning of July last year. On December 28th I moved my blog from the blogger address (davejenbarnes.blogspot.com) to my website through the "Settings" then "Publilshing" menus offered on Blogger. In the eleven months I've been using Blogger, I have only recently run into problems which are creating a little frustration on my part. I have been unable to publish my posts since Wednesday... I have contacted them through their "help" form and am awaiting a response but in the meantime, I am looking at the alternatives such as Moveable Type. Blogger is owned by Google and I am assuming that it is not hosted by TCH since Google probably has their own servers. Blogger is also not installed on my website at TCH. The files are on my TCH account, but not the ability to blog. For that, I go to Blogger.com to type my post and they ftp the information to the files on my site when I click the "publish" button. I think my current problem is in the ftp'ing of information or something to do with the javascript to get the comments from haloscan. It is all a mess, but so far, I think it's just my site that is a mess as opposed to all of Blogger.com. I originally chose Blogger because I do no know a lot about CGI, PHP, MySQL, etc. etc. but I am learning quite a bit and I'm almost willing to use something that I have to maintain so if a problem occurs, it's MY fault and I'm not depending on the help forms of some company somewhere to get to my plea for help and contact me to fix things. I would recommend Blogger to anyone who wants to keep their hands clean, so to speak. It's very simple to use and even somewhat simple to customize with the template menu, but I would not say that it is the end-all and be-all of blogging!!! Feel free to check out my site although I must warn you that I do not know what it will look like with the mess that I have recently had with blogger and haloscan. Part of what I would like to have is something which allows me to journal and have comments from the same place instead of using so many different services from so many different websites all trying to pull it together for my measly little personal journal. Just my two cents... Jennifer
  5. I'm a mac addict (which means I have no money to spend on programs since the dang computer was so expensive) so I use mainly free stuff and do every-single-thing by hand. I use The GIMP for all photo stuff and WebDesign 2.3 for my html, css, xhtml and other text files. Then I browse the life out of my pages to make sure they work in all different kinds of browsers! -Jennifer
  6. And here's Safari when I make the window skinnier. I AM A SPAMMER-er. oh well. Here ya go: Picture_3.pdf
  7. Bruce... fixed opera! Safari is just messed up. I don't know what it's doing wrong in making the page! Hmm... I wish I was more an expert in this stuff. Safari is frustrating me! Aaargh. ...and my husband thinks Safari is the best browser out there... well, I don't anymore. Here's a screenshot. I'll reply with one more. I say... don't worry about it. I mean, how many people out there really view it with Safari and complain about the extra margin? (just me, right?!) hehe... here's that screenshot. This one's full screen. Picture_2.pdf
  8. I do have quite a collection of browsers (to my husband's dismay--he says pick one and stick to it) but of course, they're all on a mac and they're all the "newest ones" since I just started my collection... As far as the 153 px left nav bar versus the 100%... I'll mess with your codes tomorrow (Tuesday--my day off) and see what I can come up with. I think some of it may have to do with using a table within the CSS layout div class="body" stuff... I'll get back with ya after doing some manipulation and viewing with opera and safari. Jennifer I don't mind being a browser babe... Thumbs Up
  9. here is the first screenshot: Opera before scrolling right: opera1.pdf
  10. Hiya Bruce! Just thought I'd check out your site using some of my extra browsers. First of all, I'm on a mac. In Safari 1.1.1 the text in the main space on the page appears off to the right quite a bit with a horizontal scroll bar. I admit, this is very strange! The left edge of text is under the "T" of the "WEB STORE" tab... something that Safari is doing wrong prolly as none of the other browsers I've checked it with are interpreting it that way! Also on Safari, the left vertical menu has some spacing issues with the subtitles: BUY ONLINE, HELP, and OTHERS. All of those are sitting ontop of the blue buttons without some nice space like it has on all the other browsers. I can't get my mac to take a screenshot (I'm not a :Nerd:), so I'll try another route but it will take a little while. In Opera 6.03 some different unusual stuff shows up: The text's left margin shows up just fine, but the width of the box extends way off to the right of the screen and overflows past the nice 1px black vertical border of the white space. The margins of the three subtitles is perfectly fine in Opera. Again, I'll see what I can do as far as screen shots. I haven't looked at your code yet, and I haven't surfed into the site at all... just looking at the first page. I'll update if I figure more stuff out! Jennifer OK, here's some links to my "screenshots" Safari Opera hope those help. sorry they're not better looking. I just grabbed my digital camera since it's laying right here and took a lot less time to figure out than the "real" way of doing a screenshot. Man, my husband is soooo helpful! he taught me the right way to do screenshots on a mac! Go Dave. I'll have those up in a jiffy!
  11. Nebraska! That one's for you, EricHamilton! Jennifer
  12. woooot my thoughts excactly! Congratulations!
  13. Ok, ok, I'll admit it: I'm learning CSS from a book! BUT, hear me out (read me out?) I was checking out this book's website and surfed upon its publisher's forum and immediately found a ton of links. Here are some of the pages which caught my eye: CSS tips and tricks Accessibility issues I don't want anyone to leave the TCH family forum, but golly, there are a lot of resourceful links there. Way more than I've seen any of us family members been able to list so far! Anyhoo-- Don't forget Rock Sign Jennifer
  14. Wow, thanks Head Guru Bill! This is a test. I think. I AM online on my AIM account, but I don't know if it will work! Jennifer Huh, it says I'm offline. Ok, that was a Privacy issue in my iChat... just selected to make my privacy level allow anyone. Whew, thanks for the help! Rock Sign
  15. Could you let some of us who're getting the same problem how you fixed it? Would much appreciate it. Thanks, Jennifer
  16. LOUD (76 also refers to 76 Trombones in my family as my husband is a semi-professional trombonist (multiple degrees in trombone performance) so I'm in good company with all you TCH trombone guys! I myself am a professional clarinetist (make my money via clarinet) and LOVE music!) Jennifer
  17. gambol? uh, like boys or lambs? Anyways, the first word I thought of when I saw this is: spelling so, that's my word. spelling Jennifer
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