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  1. What do you mean by "auto install"? When I go to cPanel, I click on 'Addon Scripts' to choose InvisionBoard as the forum of choice. From here, I don't know where to proceed. How do I actually accomplish creating a forum for my subdomain? Thanks. -dudeman
  2. Is it possible to have a forum for a subdomain. In other words... ... I already have a domain setup at http://www.3jlmc.com/forum. If I create a subdomain, let's say http://subdomain.3jlmc.com, is it possible to create another forum for that subdomain. BTW, I am using Invisionboard for primary forum. Any help is appreciated. -dudeman
  3. I've been struggling Mad!!! to add at least one email address using Horde. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work. This is what I get when I try to add a contact. There was an error adding this object. Contact your system administrator for further help. Could somebody please help me out? Any help is appreciated! -dudeman
  4. Status: Resolved Remedy: 1.) FTP the tar file to your forum folder, e.g. /public_html/forum/archive_in. DO NOT put the tar under /public_html/archive_in. The admincp will not pick it up from there. 2.) chmod the tar to 755. 3.) chmod the following folders to 777: ..... /public_html/forum/Skin ..... /public_html/forum/archive_in ..... /public_html/forum/style_images 4.) Log in to admincp on your forum. Make sure it's an account with admin privileges. 5.) On the left navigation menu, click 'Skins & Templates' -> 'Import Skin files'. You should see the skin name you uploaded in Step 1. 6.) For safety sake, chmod the folder in Step 3 to 755. That's it.
  5. I've uploaded the tar file to my archive_in folder with chmod of 666. I then log in to my admincp, and I clicked Skins & Template -> Import Skin files. The problem is I don't see the file I'd uploaded. Is the permission wrong? Am I missing some other file(s)? What am I doing wrong? -dudeman
  6. I am looking for a web hosting company that have JSP/servlet capability. I have been reading up on TCH forums and the company seems to know what customer satisfaction and reliability is about. Does TCH support such technology? If not, is it on the table for future capability? -Rob
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