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  1. They only way to log in to Paysystems to check ones account or update it is to provide a credit card n umber - the one used - the one that expired a while ago and was replaced a while ago. Know what people do with old cards? They shred em. It's one of the many reasons most host have a client profile area where Host customers can change information as it happens. What part of "card has expired" and new number/card issued doesn't anyone understand? BTW - your link mentions several times to opening a Ticket - HelpDesk isn't working. I've mentioned at least 6 times how HelpDesk is down and th
  2. I've spent most of today circling the TCH site, Forums, Email, and a total circle with HelpDesk (Tickets) and I surmised from it all that you're tagline is correct - that there are "only dumb answers." What those at TCH don't seem to think beyond when it comes to our accounts is that maybe we want to use our Visa to renew our account instead of MasterCard this time. or the site owner has got a new Tech, or we can't remember how we paid the first or last time or don't know when the account renewal comes due or our email address changed. There is a whole 'host' (excuse the pun) of reasons wh
  3. Ok Scott. So if a news article, on a page is about the President, and it involves an interview with Reporter said: President said: and it's a 10 minute interview, you are suggesting the words reporter and president, which may appear 50 times each, if there are 50 responses from the president, will make Google call it spam - that the number of words is over their limit? How does a web page become junk mail? I don't think wise web masters are going to start designing pages around what some considers to be too many keywords. I know what you're referring to - and I think it isn't the number
  4. Gaining in the ranks is tough, and there is a lot of work to do to get to the top, but it's not too hard once you get it set up. You should learn more about how Google, for instance works (most are the same) and you can get a lot of good webmaster information from Google by clicking here. Some extra tips: Try to use the keywords in Meta tags in your page title and first paragraph. Try to use the Meta description in your first paragraph too. Images help too. When naming images, give them names that are in your keyword list. Use the image ALT tag by including it's ALT the keywords
  5. BTW If you're having problems today, this just in from telecom.broadband
  6. I moved one here already. The one I'm concerned about has many CGI, and internal links that would all have to be redone - again, and that takes a lot of time - which I dont have at present. I was hoping to find the problem. It's quite obvious that it's a DNS problem - I mean, if the tire's flat on the bottom - chances are, it's flat all the way around I understand what you are saying - it's simple logic. But I want to find the hole. No sense in spending the time and money moving it if the problem moves with it. And, it's more than a few dollars a month. I have to remain cost effective with
  7. I clocked it at a blazing fast 1.26 seconds from click to load done. Pretty slow eh Like I suggested earlier - it's probably the time it takes to get half way around the world to you.
  8. I have a problem with URL. I must be honest. It is not here at TCH (though it will be when the lease runs out). I do have a site here so with that, I hope I'll hear tips back from my neighbours here. The problem is this. if I type the URL as http://www.westside.ca I get the following error: Gateway Timeout The following error occurred: A DNS lookup error occurred because the request timed out during the lookup. [/i]But, if I type http://westside.ca, dropping the WWW, I get the web page. This does not happen all the time - but often enough to be very frustrating and costly in lost
  9. Shiva


    Are they running any popup interferance (some will deal with cookies in an unfiendly manner) or a firewall that will catch them? Have they/you in the testing donea complete refresh, deleting cache? Are these people that complain and have their cookies On, all using XP by chance?
  10. Shiva


    I had the same problem when I set up IPB a few months ago and fixed it using the same trick TCH-Don suggests.
  11. Shiva


    What sort of an avatar were you thinking of?
  12. I have several sites on several hosts throughout the U.S. and Canada. With those, I am forever propping up this, repairing that and filing Tickets on a weekly basis. Here at TCH, I bought space, got the info I needed and transfered a site from a Host From Hades to TCH. The only time I visit the site is when the client requests some data to be added or a cosmetic change. In short, I've never had a problem here. I have constant problems elsewhere. The price may be a little high, but I've been around hosts a looong time and can assure you - TCH is well worth every penny. I don't know wh
  13. I can see that the topic is mute, since it would be very hard for TCH to do otherwise when a lot of it's customers pay for that as Reseller accounts. But you saids "bad business to allow someone to run 4 different sites pertaining to different copanies/topics from one account". I beleive the real word here in 'un-profitable'. Meaning no disrespect at all to TCH, many places do the same thing. In the real scheme of things, "business" is very new to the internet. At first, for a long time, after SAC, the internet was just a bunch of university computers linked together with nothing more than
  14. Oh, I've looked through all the plans, and know something about installing programs/scripts on a host - I've been doing it for 11 years - since Mosaic first came out - before Netscape and before IE. But that's dating myself along with dinosaurs I don't have birthdays any more - they just carbon date me. As for the questions. You answered some already - sort of. You said " Another thing which is kind of disabled is parked domains" Ahhh "kind of"? Is it angle parking then? Regardless, the most important was answered - Addons only for resellers. Since Addons are just pointing to subdomai
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