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  1. Recently TCH sent out a letter to clients regarding securing scripts such as the php mail script of osCommerce in web sites. It recommand to install the latest update of osCommerce. Did anyone here upgrade osCommerce to the latest release 051112? Did you get any problems when you upgraded from 2.2 ms2 to 2.2 ms2 051112? Or is there someone who uses different approach to secure php mail script instead of updating the whole osCommerce. I found that there was a topic which discussed how to secure PHP mail script. However, I can not open it anymore. What is the problem with this topic? Any input will be highly appreciated. ws
  2. After I paid for opening an account, how long it takes to active the accont and I can upload files? Thanks
  3. Hi My site was list at top 10 on Yahoo before it changed algorithm. Now my site is falling down further and further every week, no matter what I did to stop it Mad!!! . Any trick I missed? I need an urgent help. I even paid inktomi for index my site. Thanks in advance keyword is oncolyn Click here to my site
  4. Hi I checked the Awstats report. I found that there is no any "Links from an internal page" shown in the report. However, I did link a few pages each other. Why are these links not shown in the report. Does these internal links increase my site ranking in search engines? Another question is about body text. I read some message in the fourm about body text can increase rank. Does it mean that I have to put all relevant keywards as many as possible inside of my home page. or as long as inside one of pages in the web site? Thanks in advance Click to my site
  5. Please add my site into the family. Thanks in advance. 365 Health and Immu etc Corp. Site Name: www.365healthimmu.com Description: Cancer alternative treatment. Unique Immune Enhancing & Anti-Mutagenesis Botanical Extract. Oncolyn formulated by Arthur H.K. D'Jang, M.D. Call toll free at 1-800-365-6178 I have both text and graphic link to TCH.
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