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  1. The new design is really cool, clean and easy to read
  2. To kick this off, I have a question about the installation of drivers/module in Linux. I had just downloaded Redhat 9, burnt the iso images into bootable CDs and installed them together with my Win XP Pro, using the Linux bootloader to have a dual boot. Everything works so far, except for my Soundblaster Live sound card and my Alcatel Speedtouch USB Modem. The Linux kernel was able to detect my sound card but the drivers/module that came with the installation didn't worked with it. Now, my question is, must I uninstall the original drivers and modules before installing the new soundblaster live drivers for Linux which I had downloaded from sourceforge? I remebered that I edited some config files for this soundcard to work when I was trying out Redhat 7.2(they didn't had the drivers included back then). So this this round, since the drivers was included, must I delete away the included drivers, symbolic links etc? Would be grateful for any advice, as I didn't want to mess up the system too much by tweaking it too much...... Thanks Dennis
  3. Thanks, Bill Here's the link to the thread that asked for this forum, in which; Borfast had provided the links to the old thread as well. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...wtopic=4674&hl=
  4. I second that, a forum for OS's.......
  5. Yup, thanks for the pointer Borfast. I had tried Redhat 7.2 sometimes back, but didn't really know what to do with it. And tried Mandrake bout a year back, but when I up-graded my M$ to XP Pro, haven't had a chance to install Linux in for a more serious look at it. Think I'm going to install Redhat 9 and tinker around with the servers that are available....
  6. I hope they do and put the Gooners down a notch
  7. Hi, I was wondering if we can have a new discussion thread dedicated to Linux? Like installation of linux, management of linux network, what rpms to install etc.... Think this would help most of us who are not familiar with linux but want to learn it. Of course we can join the forum of the Linux distributor, but then again the atmosphere we have here is something which is unique, and what more, we have the linux gurus here as well, since our webhost are running it Just a thought.. Dennis
  8. Yup, no problem with mine as well, worked perfectly when sending to a normal pop mail account and to hotmail as well.... Dennis
  9. Lolz, sad but true, like the best way to secure your computer is to pull off the your net connection, AC power and lock it in a bank vault. Guess when people are determined enuff, they can break thru whatever locks and security u can throw at them.....
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how to protect your linked CSS file from being downloaded?
  11. Yippee, managed to pull it off with no adverse effects. The new cells are able to last bout 3 hours (my old ones would die in 5 mins) and the smart battery is able to recalibrate after one cycle of full charge and discharge, in other words, I have a "new" bat for 1/3 the cost of one
  12. Was planning to rebuild my Compaq Presario 17XL battery and came across this forum that was quite informative:www.farstand.com/cgi-bin/pcg-c1/Forum.exe?0148 Would probably cost me around USD 60 to rebuild the bat as compared to paying USD 120 or more for a new bat. Even OEM cost USD 89 and they don't ship to my part of the world. Does anyone else has any experience in rebuild/repacking their laptop battery? Would like to do somemore research in case I "toast" my laptop! Touch wood ....
  13. Hmmmm.....not sure why the add mime type didn't work.......maybe you can drop a note to the helpdesk for them to help you out on this.....
  14. You can try this To For the part bout AddType....not too sure bout that...(maybe you can try it by trial and error) but best to check with the helpdesk.... Just looked thru cpanel.....think u can do it at the mime type part........ Yes, tried it on my site, just key in application/x-httpd-php in the mime type box and .shtml in the extension box would do........the rest ain't necessary as it is system defined...
  15. Oh, yes...Surefire is right......wouldn't be able to read php source code in your html source if you had carried out the part as illustrated by Borfast.... But wait if the server didn't know how to interpret php tags....shouldn't the whole text from <?php ...... ?> be printed out instead of just the last part?
  16. Saw the letter echoed out by php on your site. I think the path to the acounter.php might be wrong....thus php is not parsing this script which is why the last part echoed out the black text instead. Which folder did you upload the acounter.php to? As php need to parse the script for it to work ...this line
  17. Try using this instead You have an extra a in $ani_acounter -> Blah Blah Blah Also, you must remeber to open up acounter.php and edit Should work.....
  18. Got these message in my error log and wondering what they are....seems like something related to IIS ? Anyone familiar in this area? Btw, did a ip resolve and seems like the client came from somewhere in China, Shanghai....
  19. Needed to do a quick poll to see whether the majority of the people has their browser on maximised when surfing.
  20. Okie, would do it manually as that seems to be the better option. Thanks all
  21. Hi, Is the Cpanel's submission to search engine any good? Does anyone has any experience to share?
  22. Sure, would do that There's no ending to learning
  23. Hi Jim, Managed to get it sorted out by using the redirect on the CPanel to redirect user keying in mysite/forums/ to forums.mysite.com. Thanks anyway
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