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  1. I gotta say ... I really like the new site. It's so snazzy. I haven't had time to surf it in depth yet, so my opinions are only taken from cursory views, but I think you have a real winner of a design here. It's clean, up-to-date, and very pleasing to the ol' peepers!
  2. Well, I am glad to know that it isn't really something that I need to be concerned with. Thanks so much for the help and information! Is the "Trout" program something you bought, or is it a freeware web app? It sounds like it could be useful in analyzing things like error logs and the like when you think someone may be up to some nefarious behavior or machination.
  3. That's what I was thinking (that someone was trying to see how they can get into my mt installation). It concerned me. Bruce, where did you find that information? Curious that the IPs seem to originate from a division of Yahoo! (Inktomi). I think Inktomi is a search engine. Would a search engine deliberately try to find SPECIFIC files in a web server, or try to access an MT folder directly?
  4. I was scanning my error log for today, and I found three rather odd entries that I do not understand. I hope someone can help me out with this. It looks to me that someone is trying to hack into my MT installation, but I don't really know for sure. Also, someone is looking for a very specific file called "r89c01pb.htm" which is so cryptic it must have been typed in by hand for someone looking for it. Does this look like something I need to be concerned about? I have tried looking up all three IP addresses on GeoBytes to see if I can determine who this person(s) is, but the GeoBytes server can find no information about the IP addresses, not even locations.
  5. I just received an email from the US-CERT that says there are new security vulnerabilities in Mozilla-based browsers. Anyone heard of this yet? I'm posting the email I received below. If I need to upgrade my Firefox browser (currently using 0.9.2), can someone provide a URL of patch? Thanks, Kasey
  6. Ooops, you're right! I got them swapped. I had to look for a PHP module as well, and when I saw DBD::mysql, I immediately thought of "MySQL" and "Database" which naturally drew me to PHP. What a dumb mistake! Thanks for pointing it out. I feel like I've got egg on my face now!
  7. Poifect!!!! Thank you very much. You see people?!? Even when you're working on a site not hosted by TCH, they will still help you out! This place is fantastic. No way I'd ever switch hosts! Not in a gozillion years! Rock Sign
  8. I'm working on a website for an acquaintance. The site is not hosted here, so I'm kind of fumbling as I learn to work my way around the other host's control panel. Anyway, I need to determine if the web space has support for the PHP module DBD::mysql. I've run the phpinfo() script from the public_html directory, so I know that PHP is activated for this account (it's a free-hosting "preview" account, so I wasn't sure if it would even have PHP). Can I tell, based on the output from phpinfo(), whether the DBD::mysql module is installed? Thanks!
  9. I never place my email address inside a web page. On my own website, I use a PHP form mailer that allows people to fill out a form and send me an email. My email address is encoded inside the PHP script, but the script is not accessed directly by a web browser, so I don't have to worry about it being harvested by spambots. If I am leaving a comment on someone's blog, I will always code my email address with some extra characters that are easily recognizable by a human that they need to be removed but will not be understood by a spambot. For example, "myemailREMOVETHISTEXT@email.com." I have seen others write their email address as "emailname - at - domain - dot - extension" It's all a matter of how you want to do it. TCH also has a page describing different methods of "hiding" your email address. (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id197.htm) I would like to stress that I personally don't trust any email address obfuscating method with 100% reliability because I don't know much about spambots, and they may be getting more intelligent as time goes by. So take all suggestions with that in mind.
  10. All valid opinions. I think I will forego using 0spam.com. Thanks for all the input, information and the helpful URL containing the discussion of 0spam.com! It made it an easy decision for me to see that not only was there the potential for email address abuse, but that casual emailers might be driven to stop sending me email because they wouldn't want to go through the verification process.
  11. Thank you to Raul and Arvind for all the information! Also, I don't think he's been reading this particular topic in the forums, but I want to make sure to give a big thanks to TCH-Bruce for providing me with the information about how to install Apache on a Windows XP computer. I guess my next step is to see what type of software firewall we have installed, if any, and go from there. My biggest concern is for hackers to see our computers on the internet and break into them, which is why I had been so reticent to set up a web server on my own computer before. But it's becoming too big of a pain in the you-know-what to use my TCH account to test my PHP scripts (usually, I make small gradual changes to scripts when testing, so I'm uploading my updated files constantly). I therefore choose to learn as much as I can before making the plunge into the world of Apache web servers!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm going to try installing Apache Web Server to my Windows XP machine soon with the ultimate goal of installing PHP so I can have the ability to run and test PHP scripts on my own computer. Before I do so, I'd like to know what security issues this poses for me. Pardon me for being naive, but does installing Apache to my machine make it a web server that is accessible to the general public, like our accounts at TCH? I have two computers, one runs Win2K and the other WinXP. They are connected via a router, and as far as I know, the router is the only thing we use as a firewall. Our DSL connection through SBC-Yahoo has some kind of security features, but I am not sure what those are, exactly. Can anyone please tell me if there is anything I need to do to make sure that my machines are just as invisible to the outside world after installing Apache and PHP as they are now in pre-Apache and pre-PHP configurations? Thanks!
  13. There was a similar discussion about "forcing a download box" going on here a while back. It might apply to your situation because you want to force the MP3s to be downloaded instead of played. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=force+download
  14. Has anyone here ever heard of or used a service called 0Spam.com? I recently sent an email to someone who is using the service. I just want to know the pros and cons of the service. I get a ton of spam at my Yahoo! address, and I am considering using the service at that address, but not before I hear from other satisfied or dissatisfied users/customers/informed persons. The URL is http://www.0spam.com. Thanks!
  15. steve1, I can help you with this. It's not a problem at all. However, I am currently helping someone else out with one of their projects for the next couple of days. Can your site wait that long for transition to CSS?
  16. What kind of CSS help do you need? The entire site done up in CSS? Basic color changes? Text changes? I haven't looked at your page, so pardon me for being lazy, but can you tell us what you are using JavaScript to do on your site? Thanks for the additional info.
  17. Thanks Lisa. If it really is that simple then **smacking self on the forehead** "Duuuuh!!"
  18. Can anyone tell me how to comment out a line of rdf code or add a comment? I'm going to modify my blog's RSS 1.0 feed, but I want to leave notes for myself so if I go back later and look at it, I'll have a bit of history and information there.
  19. In addition, you will need to specify the width in pixels, as in ><div id="NAVIGATION1" style=" width:129px; position:absolute;top:302px;left:135px;"> instead of ><div id=NAVIGATION1 style=" width:129; position:absolute;top:302px;left:135px;"> without the designation of "px" for pixels, the browser has to make a guess as to whether you are referring to pixels, ems, etc.
  20. Try hotscripts.com. They also have rankings that have been given to each script by people who have used it.
  21. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong, but C++ is not a web development programming language. On the other hand, Perl can be used to develop scripts and programs for use on web pages. However, on the positive side, while you may not be able to apply your C++ skills directly to web development, you will find that once you know one programming language, it is very easy to pick up other languages.
  22. Hi Bruce, Have you installed MT yet? I just copied and pasted your code into a new index template on my install, then tried to rebuild it, and I got the following error. So maybe the problem isn't with the <div> at all...
  23. Here are a few sites for you... MovableStyle -- http://www.movablestyle.com MovaLog -- http://www.movalog.com
  24. Thanks so much for the link, Angela! That's just what I was looking for!
  25. OK. It looks like I'll have to do some searching around to see what I can dig up! Thanks for the info...
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