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  1. Thank you all; I have used a form , thanks to TCH-Don for the link ,and it works great, thank a lot for your replies. good luck
  2. Thank you very much for the quick answer, I guess I have to make a form mail, I start to find a php script for form mail. Thanks
  3. Hi; I am looking for ways of hiding email address/s in your webpage from email collector, I have seen some topics but I lost the link, and I am not sure if I have seen it in TCH forum or not. I am sure there are couple of ways to protect your email addresses by encryption or other ways, your help is appreciated in advance. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.
  5. Hi; I have been away for a while and did not check my email, so I got an email from TCH, saying something about server changing, I got my domain name from TCH also, I am not sure what to do or if I have to do anything here. My site is working so far. cross my finger. here is message: this is a final reminder that TotalChoice Hosting will cease announcing the following Name Servers at 12:01AM tonight (8/12/2004). NS1 THRU NS14.***** NS1 THRU NS14 *****HOST.COM If you have not changed your Name Servers you must do so to avoid interruption of services. Please insure all
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