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  1. Thanks, Rob. That's handy information to know. I wasn't sure if it was someone trying to look for a backdoor into my site or what... [Edit added 13-Jul-04, 09:55 PDT] Raul, thanks for the tip. I'll definitely be watching this. I certainly wouldn't want to be hacked!
  2. Thank you for the very informative page, Annie. I need to read through it and see if I can make sense out of it. That's always a big issue for me when learning something new and foreign! I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions if something's unclear to me.
  3. I just read through my error logs and found the following segment. I'm concerned about the request on lines (2) and (4) for /MSOffice/cltreq.asp and /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll onmy blog, located in public_html/doggydiaries/ Does anyone see any reason for me to be alarmed? Why would someone be looking for those files?
  4. For the last month or so, I've been unable to access my "Raw Log File" via the link in my cPanel. When I hover my mouse over the link for Raw Log File, the URL displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen refers me back to the main cPanel index page instead of a log file. How can I fix this so I am able to access my raw log file again? FYI, I am running the "Monsoon" sking with the blue color on my cPanel.
  5. I've always used a plain hyperlink -- the same type I'd use if I were offering a file for download. Your users' computers should recognize the .wma format and offer to play it immediately or download. To create a music clip from an entire song, I think you'll need an audio editing software program. My husband has one that he bought a few years back called Adobe Audition, and he seems to like it. But if I'm not mistaken, that's a rather expensive program. He bought it because of his old DJ business. You might try searching for a freeware or shareware audio editing program if you only need it for a few music clips.
  6. The only thing I might suggest is to move your educational history towards the top of the page. Because you are right out of college (or will be), your education will probably be very important to potential employers. While this is a generalization, to be sure, it's been my experience. Although I've never run into it, I've *heard* that it's not necessary to put an objective on your resume ... seems that you can put such things as an objective and your "summary" on a coversheet. BTW, I was told to ALWAYS put a cover sheet with my resume (this was 2.5 years ago when the economy was in the tanker and there were no jobs to be had, so things might be different now). Have you checked out any career placement services offered by your university? They also sometimes offer resume review services. Just a thought.
  7. The problem turned out to be an <a name="somename"> and it's complementary <a href="#somename"> that was being generated by the tagboard code. It was being called (accidentally, I think) as soon as the tagboard was generated, when in actuality it should only have been generated when someone entered a "tag" so they could see that their tag had posted. I fixed the underlying PHP code and it works fine and dandy now!
  8. I also notice that you're running Jack's FormMail 4.2. You may want to consider updating ... he has now released version 5.0. (http://www.dtheatre.com/scripts/) Just a suggestion...
  9. So if the only database I currently have is part of my MovableType installation, then I guess I don't need to worry about backing up databases (at this time). Is there a way to set up cron to do a home directory backup nightly and store it back in my web space? I do this with my MT databases with the following command: >mysqldump -u mycpanelname_mtdbusername -pmypassword mycpanelname_mtdbname | gzip -c > /home/cpanelname/backups/backup-mt-doggydiaries.sql.gz It backs up my Movable Type database and overwrites/stores the new backup on top of the old backup.
  10. When using cPanel to create backups of your site, what's the difference between: "Generate/Download a Full Backup" and "Download a home directory backup"?
  11. Thanks Lisa! I hope you're enjoying your vacation in Calif.
  12. Don, The <div class="side"> and <div class="sidetitle"> are part of the default MovableType installation. They are used to separate each module on the navigation bar (e.g., the "About Me", "Extras", "WebRings", "Blogroll", etc.). I just tried testing the case where the tagboard isn't coded within any <div>s. ><!--<div class="sidetitle">Tag Me!</div> <div class="side">--> <!-- DawgTag Tagboard --> <iframe src="http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/tag/tag.php" width="190" height="250" frameborder="0"></iframe> <!--</div>--> I'm still being directed to the bottom of the tagboard instead of the top of the page. I wonder if there's an onfocus event somewhere in the code of the tagboard? Do you think that could be the problem?
  13. A-ha! I've located the source of the problem. Now, if someone can just explain to me why... I installed a tagboard yesterday. I just "commented out" the tagboard so it wouldn't become part of the page. The page now loads properly. Here's a copy of the code used to bring the tagboard into the page. ><div class="sidetitle">Tag Me!</div> <div class="side"> <!-- DawgTag Tagboard --> <iframe src="http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/tag/tag.php" width="190" height="250" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div> This code is part of a PHP include file called sidebar.inc. I include it in each page using a common call of ><?php include('/home/cpanelusername/public_html/doggydiaries/sidebar.inc'); ?> Any suggestions as to the problem? I'm wondering if it's the <iframe>. Is that a Microsoft-only element that doesn't render well in other browsers?
  14. That's what I was thinking, too, Don. But I can't seem to locate the problem. I was hoping someone with a keen set of eyes and the knowledge to go with those sharp peepers would be able to take a look at the site and find where I went wrong.
  15. Something weird is going on with the home page of my blog. In order to see what I'm talking about, you'll need to have both IE and Firefox installed on your computer. My blog's address is http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/ When I enter that URL into the address bar of IE on my computer, the page shows up normally, i.e., the top of the page is the graphic with the dog and the title "Pudgy Puppy ... gone to the dogs" When I enter that URL into the address bar of Firefox on my computer, instead of being directed to the top of the page, the page opens in the middle. Instead of the dog being the top of the page, I'm actually directed to an entry I posted on June 24. I'm attaching a screenshot for your reference. When the page first loads, it looks like it will load normally because the dog graphic (the true header) shows up. But in a split second I'm redirected to the June 24 entry. I've cleared cookies, cache and history on my computer and tested it again. I get the same behavior. Does anyone know what might be going on here? Thanks.
  16. And now the screenshot from IE6.
  17. Nat, I'm not seeing a problem with line spacing. Did you already solve your problem? I'll attach screenshots so you can see how I'm seeing your webpage in IE6 and Firefox 0.8. The only real difference, if you want to call it that, is the little bit of extra spacing between lines in IE. I wouldn't say it's much more than 3-4 pixels spacing between lines. Have a look-see and tell me what you think. First, the screenshot in Firefox 0.8.
  18. Thanks for the compliment. As for opening the CSS validation results in another page, I've often wondered about doing that. I know there's an ongoing debate about whether you should open links in the same window or a new window. I've heard it referred to as "breaking the 'back' button" if you open links in a new window. Also, XHTML won't validate if you use <a href=" ... " target=" ... "> because 'target' is not an allowed property in XHTML.
  19. Thanks for catching that for me! I would have been looking for days to find that since I didn't remember using inline CSS in any of my posts. Good eyes!
  20. I'm receiving a funny error when I try to validate the CSS of my blog. Here's the error: I've scoured my code, and I can't see any place where I've used the "align" attribute. There are places where I've used text-align in a linked stylesheet, but those validate correctly. I have a default MovableType calendar that is made from a table. Thinking it was the align="center" from the table that was causing problems, I completely removed the table from the code. I didn't just comment it out, I completely erased it, cleared my cache, resaved my file, rebuilt the file, and tested it again. I still get the same two errors. I can't seem to find the problem anywhere. Would someone please take a look at it for me to see if you can see anything where I might be going wrong? The page is located at http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/. On the left hand side, as you scroll down, I have coded a link to validate the CSS. That link is under the heading of "Extras"in the line that says "XHTML :: CSS :: 508 :: RSS" Also, does anyone know if there's a "verbose" CSS validator out there that will tell you a little bit more about the error than just the error message? I know they are available for XHTML validation because I just got done validating my XHTML using a verbose validator. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. My eyes are getting googly on me! P.S. -- Because I received the same error whether or not the calendar (and its associated table) were included in the page, I went ahead and put the calendar back into the page.
  21. SlitheryImp, I take it you're not doing a standard cron mysql dump? You said you were running scripts which makes me think it's not the mysql dump. I like the way you do a different backup each day. Does that mean that Monday's backup won't overwrite Sunday's backup? Also, does that mean that if you have a Monday backup on the 1st of the month, then the next Monday backup on the 8th of the month will overwrite that from the first of the month?
  22. JTey, A trackback is a way to link back to someone else's post from your blog. MovableType recognizes when someone has linked to your post and will display the details about the site that's linking to you. For an example, you can see the following page (scroll down below the entry) -- of course, you're welcome to read the post if you want -- and you'll see a section called "TrackBacks"... http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/archives/2004/06/what-has-happened-to-the-english-language.php Here is an article about trackback that you may find interesting. http://www.elise.com/mt/archives/000250what_is_trackback.php I hope this information is helpful.
  23. Talk about falling behind! I've been with TCH since May 2003 and had never posted to the "Add me to the family" forum. Here's the necessary 411 -- URL: http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/ Site Name: The Doggy Diaries Description: Personal blog where I let off steam, comment on both state and federal politics, discuss web development topics (e.g., web standards, CSS, MT tweaks, programming languages), and talk about issues affecting my life. Link to TCH: You will find it in the left-side navigation bar of each page under the heading "Credits" Rank Evaluation: Yes, please! Thanks for doing this for me. Give a holler if you have any questions! Rock Sign
  24. OK. It's been about a month, and I'm just now getting around to doing site backups. Here's what I want to do. (1) Perform weekly backup of my entire site, including my main directory, a subdomain that holds my blog and any MySQL databases I use. (2) I'm already doing a nightly cronjob backup of my MT database as previously outlined in this forum (using the exact command that TCH-Lisa gave), so backing up my MT database is not an issue. (3) Clearly, as Annie has pointed out, I'd need to exclude whatever directory is used to store the backups from the actual backup process. Otherwise, my backup file will grow exponentially each week. Can anyone help walk me through this? I've looked at the cPanel page for performing backups, and I'm a bit confused. I've asked questions about cPanel's backup process before, but for some reason, the logic is not sticking in my brain.
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