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  1. Well after accidentally wiping out all my databases, and a few hour of beating my head on the desk, I got it done. Now I have to go in and put all the crap i had in there back again.. YAY!
  2. Is there a STEP-BY-STEP Guide on how to do this? I couldnt even install 6.0 by myself, I had to have HeadGuru to put an autoinstaller in, but this is for 6.0 and not a latter version, and I need at least 6.5 because all of the themes out now are for 6.5+ I submitted a support ticket, and they couldnt provide me with an autoinstaller for 6.9. Is there an autoinstaller out there that would make this easier on me?
  3. ok, ive been trying for hours to get PHPNUKE to work.. I heard it was easy, and ive been going by this tutorial i found: http://www.nuketutorials.com/phpnukeall.html I got to this part: 4. The Database (MySQL) And I don't know what I am doing now.. All the files are uploaded, and It says to go to myPHPadmin, whiich i go to in my CPANEL, and it looks nothing like what he shows on his page.. I am so lost.. If anyone would be able to help me, you can post here, or contact me on either: MSN - ultimaoutcast@hotmail.com AOL - outcast007 Yahoo - ultima_outcast I am begging. Please save me from the insanity.
  4. Linux is the debil!!! *makes crosses out of fingers* Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs*
  5. http://www.shinraonline.com (forum i frequent) http://www.aximsite.com (good site for my PDA stuff) http://www.pvponline.com (funny comic) http://maddox.xmission.com (this guy is hilarious) http://www.collegehumor.com (look at the pics) that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  6. I like the lottery thing, and the 404 page thing. Thumbs Up
  7. I dont know about paying for it, but "Inktomi Slurp" is the #1 bot to visit my page.
  8. I'm not trying to manipulate anything, I just visit this board, and another board, and i have a link to my site in my signature on both boards. My little way to promote my site.
  9. I hear that google ranks your page by the number of 'hard links' to your site from other sites. I've had a link to my site on this message board and another that i frequent for quite some time now. Wouldnt every post i make on these message boards increase the number of said hard links to my site, seeing as my link is attatched to every post i make?
  10. I check my stats every morning, and awstats was there for me around 8:00 AM EST
  11. *slaps self* Why didnt i think of using a table? lol Head Bash
  12. Ok, i might become a reseller once i get everything in full swing. Thanks for the help!
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