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  1. Chris

    My Turn!

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Sorry zethilone.
  2. Chris

    My Turn!

    Ok, just checking Thought 1 entry meant after that, you're done, no changing.
  3. Chris

    My Turn!

    I thought you weren't allowed to change entries, it used to be this (below), I saw it there earlier today...
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. If I win, I can also provide an uncompressed png (or any other format) so you can use that. I will also edit it so it looks good on 1024 & 800 (not simply resizing, adjusting layers so the text is still good size and does not get distorted). Also... Rock Sign
  5. Here's my entry. I made the world and network cable going around it from scratch (well, I used a real network cable for reference and a few maps of the earth) in a program called Cinema 4D. The background and text was then added in Photoshop. My site (and the link) can be found here: http://www.desktopmag.com - - Entry Removed - -
  6. is there a limit on amount of entries from one person?
  7. I guess it's fixed since they both ping fine for me...
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