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  1. I haven't tried any of the other sites/management services besides Blogger. I host it on my own site, and merely use Blogger to update/post onto my blog. It works out quite well because you don't have to have it on your the Blogger server if you have sufficient space to host it yourself. Plus, now that Goodle purchased Blogger, all of the once "paid" features are now included with your sign up to use their service. Blogger all the way! http://www.blogger.com/ -Sean-
  2. Congrats to the winners and all who took their time to submit an entry! In my eyes you are all winners for just entering, but the best, according to the judges, must be recognized more than the others... Top job everyone, and looks like my referred member(deranged-brain.com) is doing some good around here! -y2k-
  3. I use TextPad. Sure, it sounds pretty useless, but it's the only thing I've ever used to create my websites and Mod my Forums with. I guess you can say since I don't have the money for some high-dollar program that would make life so much easier on me, TextPad just kinda stuck with me; not to mention I've been using the evaluation version for, I'd say, the past 2 years... woooot http://www.textpad.com/ Oh yea, and just thought I'd add this to close out this post: Rock Sign -y2k-
  4. It feels good to contribute back to the Family... Rock Sign -y2k-
  5. A very nice wallpaper indeed! Top job, Chris! Thumbs Up -y2k-
  6. Here's my submission for the Xbox/Treo90 Giveaway. My website can be found in my signature, or you can click here. Also, there is a 1024x768 version available to the people with larger resolutions, but seeing as the 800x600 is smaller in file size, I uploaded that version here. Enjoy! [EDIT: The PhotoShop PSD file is available to the TCH Administration should they choose to want to use it as all layers can be edited through that PSD file. Just thought I'd let everyone know...] -y2k-
  7. Well, I wouldn't mind helping you as I use IB(but I'm currently waiting on my domain to transfer before I can install mine), and I will assist you if you would like me to in the transfer. Let me know if you'd like my help... -y2k-
  8. Thanks, ck! It took me somewhere between 5-10 minutes to make, so it didn't take much time... Anyways, still waiting on my domain to transfer... -y2k-
  9. Well, now that I'm just waiting on my domain to resolve, I would like to than TCH for the hosting and for supplying the Family with a great atmosphere to mingle and talk about anything and everything, and last of all for holding this contest for it's members! IMO, TCH is truly the best host out there, and I am honored to be a part of the Family... Keep up the great work, and I will post my entry when my domain gets transferred and is working properly. Thanks again! Also, what do you think about my avatar? Move your mouse over it once you can tell it's looping for a surprise... -y2
  10. If you can't handle the punishment, rvjimmy, you shouldn't do the deed... Sorry you had to go out like that, but maybe you should pay more attention to rules and regulations. The best of luck with finding another host that allows warez! -y2k-
  11. Well, being this is my first post here at the Family Forums, I would like to say hello to all the members and a thank you to the Administration for making all of this possible. I submitted my signup about 7 hours ago, so I'm still waiting to be approved and have my account created, so until then, I was looking on these Forums and found this thread. I am done with my wallpaper(it's only my 2nd one ever done, so don't be too harsh on me), so I am just waiting for my account to be setup so I can host it and also get started on my website. Anyways, just thought I'd post here and let everyone k
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