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  1. How long does it take for cancellations to respond to a cancellation email? I hope not this long http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=posts&hl=&st=0 It's been over a day already! This worries me because I DONT want my card charged tomarrow. I get charged a $25.00 fee for not having the funds available and I'm not going to out a hundred in the bank for something I dont want and cancelled in time. Curious as to why there's NO reference in the TOS towards refund incidentals. Like refund time length for one. Thanx
  2. Thanks Mike- I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything anywhere and wasn't in violation of anything Thumbs Up . I wouldn't sell to him either. What balls. Some peoples children Mike I'd like to add you do a outstanding job here at TCH Thumbs Up
  3. This brings up a question for me. Competitor is mentioned above, anyone who resells is competing with TCH. Right? It sounds like we aren't supposed to compete. Is that true? I may be reading into this wrong because there seems to be extenuating circumstances mentioned. Just want to make sure I'm ok. Thanx
  4. Well I'm one of the lucky ones that owns his dream car. Whats your favorite muscle car. If you don't like a muscle car then whats your favorite other make and model. My 70 Challenger R/T MY TCH Hosted Site MOPAR100
  5. Thanks Mike, I am truley impressed with this hosting quality I get from you guys. Words cant explain how grateful I am for the excellent service you all have provided me. I tell everyone about you. Thank You again very much Augie My first TCH Site http://www.mopar100.com
  6. I am so impressed with my first account I decided to get another I even got my domain name from TCH. I couldn't however get my other account information to coincide with my current account information during sign up. Who do I need to contact for that. Thanks again TCH, this account sold me because of the unlimited sub domains. Rock Sign Regards Augie
  7. I love TotalChoice Hosting. I will NEVER LEAVE.. I have a fun carsite called Mopar100 located at HERE. Rock Sign
  8. Hello all, Signed up last month and cant say enough great about this place. I was a hurtin unit before I found you guys and just wanted to let you know how great I think this hosting is Rock Sign Is billing done 30 days from my sign up or at the beginning of each month. I signed up on the 30th Dec. Thank You Augie
  9. Rock Sign oH YEA. 26 hours from sign up domain was working and sites up. World record. My site was also set up at blazing speed Thanks again everyone, I am very very extremly pleased with this awesome hosting company. The site is very fast too. Returing some lightning fast page returns Thumbs Up Rock Sign
  10. Now thats service, GREAT SERVICE.. Thank you. Very much. A role model for other wanna be hosting companies. Set up and going in under 30 min. Too cool. Thumbs Up Rock Sign
  11. The deed is done whew I would like to pay 3 months at a time however, is that possible in my admin area? Thanks again everyone. Augie J
  12. I have done everything in ASP and .net etc.. MS only. I am so happy with my host of 3 years. I have been looking for a topsites script and there are no good ones written in asp or .net. So I have had to go with a php/mysql one. I set it up easily at a fre host so I figured that I should get a host. I have been looking for 3 days and have talked to a few that would answer my emails. I have never imagined in my worst nightmare this was going to be such a task to get a good host. It means enough to me that I have gotten answers here that Im going to sign up now. Your plans are so affordable, Im just going to get my domain thru here too. Thank You for the help everyone and welcome. You just sold an account Thank You again everyone Augie J
  13. I get this error when I make a post RE: SMTP protocol failure! Host: localhost Return Code: 501 Return Msg: 501 RCPT must have an address operand Invision Power Board Error: Incorrect email address: Check your SMTP settings from the admin control panel
  14. If I get a domain, Im assuming the DNS numbers are already pointing at Totalchoice. Is that correct? Thanks
  15. Yep. Im very tired of searching for a host for a simple topsites script.. Please tell me my nightmare has ended here tonight.
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