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Sales Tax Question


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Ok, i'm flooding this board with questions on Oscommerce. I hope no one's getting annoyed.


Ok, in Oscommerce, all the items I am selling are taxable goods. However, if someone from another state wants to buy from me, I dont' want to add sales tax for that customer. I just want to apply the sales tax to the people in my state.


Any suggestions?

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yeah, i've set up 2 tax rates. One for in-state transactions and one for out-of-state transactions. I was hoping I could get it to work so that if someone puts say, Washington as their delivery state, they would not be charged sales tax. Whereas, if they put my home state, Kansas, as their delivery state, they would be charged sales tax. Any ideas?

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All you need is to create 1 tax zone, 1 tax class and 1 tax rate with the tax class and zone you've created. Anyone falls into your specified zone will be charged tax. No need to create multiple zones or rates.


Once you've created your zone, you can also apply it to your payment module. For example, if you specify a Payment Zone in Check/Money Order, than only those living in that zone will see the option of Check/Money Order when they check out.




Imagine if you are a law abiting merchant in California, then you should theoretically setup 68 zones to cover the different tax rate of 58 counties and 10 wonderfully unknown cities. :dance:


While you are at it, you should also setup usage tax rates for all possible zones of the USA. You'll accountant will love you for it. ;)

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ok, i'm tryin' to get this figured out. So far, it's not working the way I need it to.


I have a Kansas tax zone, a Taxable Goods tax class, and 1 tax rate that is applied to the zone and class. I created a test user who lives in Colorado, and when I check out, the user from colorado is being charged the kansas sales tax.


I guess I don't know how to link a user who has a Kansas address to my Kansas Tax Zone, or dis-associate a user w/o a Kansas address to my Kansas Tax Zone.


Does this make sense?

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When you do your test, where are you having it shipped?


My family's store is located in Missouri, when we ship an order to a Missouri address, we have to charge sales tax. If it is going to an address outside of Missouri, we do not have to charge sales tax. Even if the customer is in Missouri and they ship outside of the state, we do not have to charge sales tax.


We currently are not using OSCommerce for this site, but plan on changing to OSCommerce soon. I believe it would work the same way though.

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every single item i have for sale is taxable, therefore they are all associated with the "Taxable Goods" tax class. There is only this one tax class.


I just need to be able to remove the sales tax for people who have their products shipped outside of Kansas. I guess I didn't expect this to be this big of a problem.


I'll check out the forums on oscommerce.com.

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Here is the order things should occur:


1. Tax Zones, Insert, type in Zone Name and Description, Insert.

2. Details, Insert, select USA and your state, Insert.

3. Tax Classes, new tax class, type in your Tax Class Title and Description, Insert

4. Tax Rates, new tax rate, select your Tax Class Title, select your Zone, enter your Tax Rate, enter your description, Insert.


Here may be why you are having problem:


When you edit or erase your tax related stuff multiple times, it can create multiple entry in the tax_rate table of your database. For the heck of it, I delete all the Tax Zones, Classes and Rates and re-enter everything. But I found myself trap in the same situation as you. After some time of testing, I was puzzled by the fact that the sentence Californai Sales Tax 8.25% in the order confirmation page never changed even after I delete or modified it. So I went into phpMyAdmin and found that in tax_rate table, it has multiple entries of my California tax rate. So, I wipe them all and go back to admin to re-enter the tax rate again. This time everything worked. But ...


... For your testing, the customer's primary address must be set to the state you want to test. I found that changing the zip code only will not making any difference.


Wasted 1.5 hours of my life on this. Hope this work for you. :blink:

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