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I just got a spam e-mail from a place that said I could have Top Search Engine Listing in 72 Hours. Guaranteed. I thought I'd take a minute to let everyone know what I found out... just for the fun of it. Call it a Public Service Announcement if you will. :angry:


They claim they can get me listed on over 35 search engines in 72 hours or less guaranteed. Now, the cheapest variant on the theme lists engines such as Overture, Hotbot, About, MSN, Looksmart and "many others." When I looked at the full list I'd never heard of any of the others so they probably aren't worth much, but I figure "Hey, the others look good," even though I didn't believe them for a second! Call me cynnical.


There is a testimonial on their site that says, in part: "In less than a week I found my site listed on many search engines as well as the #1 position on one of them! I nearly fell off my chair! The immediate results I have received are impressive!


…the most honest and forthright people I have tried to date. You are not only tried, but trusted in my book!

Dena Lynn Stefani, Dena's Attic"


The funny thing about this is that I went to Google and searched for Dena's Attic and found only 3 links: 1 to the advertiser where I read the 'testimonial', 1 in Spanish that I didn't bother to translate but the only reference to Dena was in the cached page, and one to another email promotion site with the only reference being in the cached page. This means that even those 2 sites don't list it anymore, but they used

to. I tried to go to the site they referred to but it is no longer there. So much for high page rank eh?


Out of curiousity I went to hotbot's submit page and followed the links to the Lycos InSite search engine submission program. It seems that they do offer 72-hour submission to multiple search engines and refreshes at $20/yr setup and as low as $13.88/URL sumbission costs. The other guys that spammed me wanted $59.95 for this!


Ok, to wind down this long message I just wanted to say to everyone that search engines are not terribly obvious but if you desire to learn and look around you can find out everything you need to do a fine job yourself. You may not get top placement because SEO experts like dsdemmin spend hundreds (thousands?) of hours perfecting their skills, but you can get listed!


If someone is willing to get you a certain listing for a given price you can bet there's a cheaper way to do it yourself! Besides, they say "Top Search Engine Listing" making you believe you'll get a high rank, especially with the testimonials. What it is literally saying is you will get a listing with the top search engines, even if it is at position 32,767.


Anyway, I just thought I'd share what I'd found and remind us all that too good to be true - is, and that all spam e-mail is sent by people looking to take your money in one way or another - most are not legitimately either.

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