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Huge Thanks To Tch And Scott!

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Hi gang!

I wanted to take a second to give credit where it's due. As you know if you've read this forum much I have had a lot of questions about how to improve my site. This is especially true of the ranking on Google which is my main interest currently.


TCH has made this an awesome place to host my site and they have given us these forums so we can get help from our other family members as well. THANK YOU GUYS! This is worth as much as the most expensive hosting plan you offer all by itself!


Here are some stats about one of my sites and it's rank on Google. I owe it all to the advice I have gotten here and especially to Scott (dsdemmin) for the excellent advice I've been given free and enthusiastically! The starting figures are what I was able to accomplish myself by searching the web for every technique and trick I could find and it's nothing to brag about.


"key west fishing boat"

Date Rank on Google

9/03 Position 32 - Page 4

Now Position 16 - Page 2


"Key west charter boat"

9/03 Position 45 - Page 5

Now Position 24 - Page 3


"Key west fishing" (My main desire to conquer is this keyword!)

9/03 Position 69 - Page 7

Now Position 37 - Page 4


"Key west shark fishing" (a niche for my client)

10/11 Not in top 100

Now Position 3 - Page 1


Please notice. I have not yet implemented all that I have learned and have not optimized more than just 2-3 pages within my site. My plan is to focus certain pages on certain keywords and benefit from that as well as just the main page and a couple of others. My PageRank on my index page is also a pathetic 3/10 so I definitely need to work on some quality links as well as internal link adjustments.


I am quite convinced that the climb is not over and that as I apply more of what I've learned it will indeed pay off greatly. I have also benefitted on other search engines also. Without any conscious effort, the site is at Position 18 - Page 2 for my best search term on Lycos, Position 34 - Page 3 on MSN and similar positions on Iwon, Yahoo and others. It's even Position 8 - Page 1 on AllTheWeb.


If you EVER get advice from the TCH Family Forum always consider the source and wisdom of it, but consider it! These folks are the best and I've not seen anyone try to hurt anyone yet!


As I said, I wanted to give credit where due and to thank you all for helping me do a much better job for my client. It's no doubt that...


Rock Sign

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Hey Jim, I tried a few of your keywords to check out the results. The interesting part is that I spelled "Key West" as "KeyWest". it appears that I'm not the only out there that can't spell. B) You might want to give it a try and maybe spell it that way also.

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You know, I'll bet that they did that on purpose too! It's a great observation and one I'll have to adjust my keywords for. Thanks!

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