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List Of Known Spyware Infested Software

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:lol: :lol: Ok so that was actually pretty funny. When I hit the link to the List of Known Spyware infested apps, my PestPatrol zapper killed two cookie drops! :lol: Then when I attempted to close the window, PopupStopper killed a popup window. :lol:


Now to check the logs:

[action:Deleted] Found spyware cookie owner@qksrv[1].txt

[action:Deleted] Found spyware cookie owner@doubleclick[1].txt


Golly I love PestPatrol!

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Warning to all -- I would strongly suggest, for personal experience, that you do not put much faith in such lists of "spyware" programs posted, or at least proceed cautiously.


First, it is sorely out of date (June 11, 2001 was the last time it was updated).


Secondly, not all software listed there are (or were) spyware.


Case in point, CuteFTP is listed - but CuteFTP was NEVER spyware. Version 3.0 of that software did use some code from Auriate for advertising purposes only, but to Globalscape's credit, CuteFTP did provide an opt-out for that when installing that version of the software.


However, that version is 4 years removed. CuteFTP is up to version 6.0, and contains no spyware. Yet, if you were to believe that list, you'd think otherwise.


Bottom line, as always -- verify and reverify any information on your own -- including what I'm telling you! Check with the software provider involved and see if the claims are true.



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