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How To Combine Page Rank With/without Www

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Sorry for the confusing title but I couldn't figure how to word it. :goof:


I go to one of my websites with the google bar enabled and see that if I go to mysite.com I get a PR of 3. If I go to www.mysite.com I get a PR of 4. Obviously Google is seeing them as two different entities.


Some of those links are from my other sites so I can of course change them to include the www. What about the links that exist in the world that are not mine to control? Is there anything I can do to redirect or shuffle them to WWW so Google counts them together? I doubt it but I'm hoping there's a way.



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I have addressed this very important issue in other threads. Often people are not consistent on the 'exact' URL when referencing a page. Google and the others use the actual URL as the 'key' to their large indexes (i.e. databases). That is why different URLs give different PageRanks even though it is the same page.


The solution:


redirect 301: a permanent redirect that will 'pass' PageRank (i.e. backlinks) to the 'correct' URL.



Good luck :rolleyes:

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Hmmm. Tell me if I did this wrong:


I put a line in .htacess that says:

Redirect 301 /index.htm http://www.mysite.org/index.htm


The problem is that if I go to mysite.org/index.htm the browser redirects to www.mysite.org/index.htm and then it sees it should redirect to ... forever.


Without creating a new home page is there any way to "combine" mysite.org and www.mysite.org? Did I do something wrong or is that just how it resolves things?

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