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Getting A Mailman Version That Handles Aol's Dmarc Mishandling


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I am running a number of Mailman Mailing lists here which are refusing to deliver email to any of our users who use *@AOL.COM email addresses. Their Mailman accounts are being flagged to block sending them email due to claimed Excessive Bounces (from AOL) caused by AOL's incorrectly implemented DMARC feature. I have read that there are newer versions of MAILMAN (than offered here) which can handle the situation and which will send the messages to AOL formatted to make AOL happy and allow delivery to the user. Is there any way to upgrade to these versions or is there any parameter changes I can make to allow delivery to my AOL users. I know that the suggested "solution" is to tell them to use some other ISP's email address. Has anyone here also run into this and found a solution which allows AOL email addresses to continue to be used?


Thank You.

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