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I have recently noticed that the Parked Domain icon now appears on the Cpanel on my TCH account (and client accounts). However, I can't seem to park a domain on the account, even after setting the nameserver correctly on the domain. In the past I always had to submit a ticket to have TCH add a parked domain for me. Is this still true or should I be abel to do it myself in the cpanel? BTW, I'm not a reseller, I just funnel my clients to sign up directly.


I also noticed that on the left side it now lists a limit of 10 parked domains. Is that a new limit? Not that, that shouldn't be plenty :blink:


Thanks for any help.

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The limit of 10 is just a limit on how many you can park via your cPanel account, it used to be zero. Anything beyond that limit and you would need to submit a ticket and we can add them for you.


If you are under this limit and still unable to park one yourself, please drop in a ticket so we can check things out.

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