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I have been with the same hosting company for a long time and the service has gradually gotten worse. I'm running an SMF forum with about 1000 users, but only 100 area really active. For some odd reason this small forum is setting off alarms and red flags on my current hosting provider. They have this RP (resource points) system and if you go over a certain amount of points they shut you down and just give you options to upgrade and pay more. They throw you into a corner and try to exploit you into upgrading because they are the only ones that can turn your site back on. After several hours of asking them to turn it back on, I was lucky enough to get it turned back on. They told me they would "review my resource points" in 48 hours and see if they need to shut me down again. And this is all because of a small SMF forum. Well, needless to say I do not want to have this happen again so I'm moving out of there before they shut me off again.


Right now I have a few domains. Each domain has it's own full cpanel. Is that how TCH is also? Is there like one main account/domain, then any domain added to the account is it a subforum or does it have it's down cpanel and control?




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With a reseller account you can manage all the individual accounts and they will have their own full cpanel.


That's right, I was thinking of reseller account. Right now with my shared account it is like a reseller account which I'm able to setup many domain names, and each has their own cpanel. I do want that ability so I will check out the reseller prices to see if I afford those. Thank you.


I thought of a question....


With the shared account, I'm still able to create addon domains, right?

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