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The Blackberry, Rebuilt, Lives To Fight Another Day


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Good to see them making a comeback.


"Once dominant, the BlackBerry has slipped to a single-digit percentage of the smartphone market. Its stock has crashed almost 90 percent from its 2008 peak. In the last two years, the BlackBerry’s maker, Research in Motion, released a disastrous tablet, laid off thousands of employees and fired its C.E.O.’s. The whole operation seemed to be one gnat-sneeze away from total collapse...."


You can see the rest of the article here.



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I think the one thing that might be not accounted for in your thoughts guys, is Blackberry is really on fire in overseas markets.


The playbook outsold the iPad in the UK in the 4th quarter.


I gave up on blackberry 3 years ago and moved to Android. Have not looked back!

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Since the federal government is letting iPhones and Android phone in the network, Blackberry is going to lose a significant market portion.

We've been testing iPhones and Androids for a while now and are about to roll them out soon.


I was a diehard Blackberry user for a long time (personal phone) but after three years of waiting, I moved on to Android. I'm very happy with the move.

I wish Blackberry all the luck in climbing back towards the top tier of smartphones.

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