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  1. Bulletproof Security plugin work along with another plugin I can't think of at the moment but you can search for brute force on the plugin site and it's at the top (or close to it)
  2. Since the federal government is letting iPhones and Android phone in the network, Blackberry is going to lose a significant market portion. We've been testing iPhones and Androids for a while now and are about to roll them out soon. I was a diehard Blackberry user for a long time (personal phone) but after three years of waiting, I moved on to Android. I'm very happy with the move. I wish Blackberry all the luck in climbing back towards the top tier of smartphones.
  3. The tech support for TCH has always been great.... I've hosted a few sites on TCH for a few years and the techs have always been great until tonight. I didn't appreciate the chastising email I got tonight when I was only providing the information he requested. I work in computer support handling tickets from thousands of users and believe me, I know how bad it can get.. Maybe if I didn't do computer support for a living, the email I got wouldn't have bothered me as much as it did.
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