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Big Thanks To Tch!

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I would just like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Bill, Dick, Alex, Carl, Ryan and the rest of TCH for going above and beyond for me once again. I have been with TCH for....geez I guess closer to 10 years now. I started off with a basic shared package and have moved my way up to my second dedicated server. Over the weekend they migrated everything from my first dedicated server over to my second without a hitch. The downtime was virtually unnoticeable, every last file and bit of SQL databases were switched over with zero data loss or issues. The process could not have been smoother and I know that I would not receive that type of server anywhere else. This is the exact reason why I will remain a Total Choice Hosting customer for the rest of my life :) Another job well done by TCH.

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I second the sentiment! Bill (aka Peggy <g>) was his usual amazingly calm and helpful self. This kind of customer support is hard to find, and when it's backed up by solid service, it makes doing business on the internet a whole lot less scary! :clapping:


Peggy is a heck of a guy! I agree, this kind of customer support is rare these days. TCH has always been like this and always will :tchrocks:

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