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I Have Started A Sub-Domain For My Blog

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Hi, i have a main word press website but i am having it redone and started a sub-domain for my blog only which will be word press. i have been waiting all day for my web designer to help me re do my whole website and stuff but she hasn't gotten with me yet and i need to get this all done. i have a word press blog them i downloaded and need to install word press to my blog sub domain, can someone help me with easy install instructions as im not to good with this type stuff.

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well the thing is , my main website is wordpress already but me and my web designer were to redo everything, and have my main website html or xhtml and only have my blog wordpress. so i created the sub domain already and need to install wordpress to it, but i dont know if it will conflict cause my main site has wordpress already lol see what im saying?

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im in my control panel and i have the fantastico delux which has the wordpress. i have a question what do i put in the boxes that says


(Base configuration


Admin nickname



Admin e-mail (your email address)


Site name




if anyone can help me id appreciate it, my sub-domain is blog.preciousmoments4you.com this is where my blog will be located...

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Various options asked while installing wordpress is given below. Please go through it.


1: Install on domain: You can select the domain or subdomain where worpress is installed using the drop down menu . In your case it is blog.preciousmoments4you.com


2: Install in directory: Root directory for subdomain will be automatically set when you choose subdomain in above option.


Now will have set Admin access data



3: Administrator-username : Admin user name which you wants for wordpress admin.


4: Password : Password for wordpress admin login.


5: Admin nickname: Name used while you submits posts etc.


6: Admin e-mail: Authorized email account of admin that you wish to use to be notified of comments etc


7: Site name : Your domain name


8: Description : Your blog description.

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While this is an old topic, I am facing a similar issue (if not the same). I have a WordPress site at monicaburns.com. I've opened up a side business (Maroli Designs) for other authors that I'd like to distance from my author side of the house. I'd like to use a subdomain to accomplish that. I had a subdomain 10 years ago on my host server, but my memory is faulty on the entire issue.So here are my questions.


  1. I know I can create a subdomain that is named differently. In this case, marolidesigns.monicaburns.com. Can I install WordPress with a different theme on the Maroli subdomain without causing conflicts with my main site, which is also WordPress. I can't afford to mess with my current site.
  2. If I can install a second instance of WordPress without any conflicts with my main site, what root directory do I use when I create the subdomain. Is there a help file that will walk me through the process of creating a new subdomain and then installing WordPress and a new theme solely for the Maroli site without any conflicts? I did a search of the forum, but keep getting flood control messages when I'm trying to search.
  3. I'm pretty sure I don't have to acquire a domain name for marolidesigns.monicaburns.com (I want to be transparent that I'm also an author when they visit the subdomain), but could someone confirm that or direct me to info that would verify/explain that topic.
  4. Finally, does Softaculous do the complete WordPress install for me? I know how to import WordPress themes and other backend stuff, but I've not done an actual WordPress install. If Softaculous doesn't do it for me, is there a help file somewhere that will guide me through the install process on my subdomain, or do I need to have an expert do the install.

Thanks for your help.



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1) Yes


2) Not sure what you mean here, but, if you create the subdomain the regular way through cpanel, there should be no problems at all.


3) Correct.


4) Yes it should. Just make sure you instruct Softaculos to install it in the correct subfolder/domain.

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