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    Site Structure

    It is possible to host six or unlimited domains under your reseller hosting account within the resources allocated to you. You can host these domains as separate individual hosting accounts in server so that they will not come under the main reseller public_html directory avoiding any confusion. They will be treated as any other individual accounts in server but owned under main reseller account. You can create this accounts through WHM of main reseller account. As an alternative to this you can go for the addon domain feature in cpanel but I would recommend the latter as it avoid confusion regarding home directories of each domain.
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    Error In Wordpress Installation Thru Fantastico

    We have fixed your issue and replied to the ticket that you have posted.
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    I Have Started A Sub-Domain For My Blog

    Various options asked while installing wordpress is given below. Please go through it. 1: Install on domain: You can select the domain or subdomain where worpress is installed using the drop down menu . In your case it is blog.preciousmoments4you.com 2: Install in directory: Root directory for subdomain will be automatically set when you choose subdomain in above option. Now will have set Admin access data =================================== 3: Administrator-username : Admin user name which you wants for wordpress admin. 4: Password : Password for wordpress admin login. 5: Admin nickname: Name used while you submits posts etc. 6: Admin e-mail: Authorized email account of admin that you wish to use to be notified of comments etc 7: Site name : Your domain name 8: Description : Your blog description.