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  1. thank you so much andy so far so good, no more error popups lol
  2. hi, ive been getting a popup that started today, and have never had this happen before. ok it says this below Courier-IMAP server shut down by signal. Protocol: IMAP Server: mail.beautifulimpressions.net Port: 143 Error Code: 0x800CCCDD ok now i just also noticed when i setup my email for this account that i did it wrong as i did it in a imap setting and i dont know how to fix it and set it as a pop3 account like my mail.preciousmoments4you.com is setup as. i am not tech savy and it seems the support guy who is helping me on my ticket doesnt seem to comprehend i am not good at all
  3. i submitted a ticket awhile bk and asked simply why when i bring up my domains even my presiousmoments4you one that it doesnt show the www. in front of the web address and your techs did a redirect on one of my domains and i had to get my webdesigner to fix it and now it wont happen again because she uploaded a white blank page because we are working on my sites. i love total choice but when that happen 2 times in a row without my permission i was very upset, so i hope u understand why i posted what i did.
  4. i just went to my site 10 min ago and it had my very first very old design on it and i had to reupload my index file to make it show my new design. why is it you have that right to change stuff without my permission. if this continues i will find me a different hosting server.
  5. ok i have a question. i am not good at installing wordpress and all the plugins stuff lol. i have a brand new domain site and i have a subdomain i created called blog.domainname.net my blog is on another domain name and i would like to move it and all its contents and plugins to my new sub domain blog , can this be done, if so how can i without screwing it up lol
  6. so i purchased a nother plan but it said at bottom add to my current account, it wont mess with my other current domain name will it?
  7. i have the silver hosting package and i have hosted 2 domains on my 1 account, i got rid of the domain i wasnt using long ago and now have another domain for which i will be using alot for my other business but cant figure out how to add it to my account. the site says exisiting domain box it doesnt give option on what my other domain name is. what do i do. i have a support ticket for sales but they dont seen much help lol
  8. i have uploaded my new design 20 times and my page wont update when i reload my page or bring up in new browser page, what is going on.
  9. i have tried to login to my cpanel and i get this error and i dont know why, i was in it earlier today and now i cant get in i submitted a ticket just in case, can someone help me? Brute Force Protection This account is currently locked out because a brute force attempt was detected. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Attempting to login again will only increase this delay. If you frequently experience this problem, we recommend having your username changed to something less generic.
  10. im in my control panel and i have the fantastico delux which has the wordpress. i have a question what do i put in the boxes that says (Base configuration Admin nickname Admin e-mail (your email address) Site name Description if anyone can help me id appreciate it, my sub-domain is blog.preciousmoments4you.com this is where my blog will be located...
  11. well the thing is , my main website is wordpress already but me and my web designer were to redo everything, and have my main website html or xhtml and only have my blog wordpress. so i created the sub domain already and need to install wordpress to it, but i dont know if it will conflict cause my main site has wordpress already lol see what im saying?
  12. Hi, i have a main word press website but i am having it redone and started a sub-domain for my blog only which will be word press. i have been waiting all day for my web designer to help me re do my whole website and stuff but she hasn't gotten with me yet and i need to get this all done. i have a word press blog them i downloaded and need to install word press to my blog sub domain, can someone help me with easy install instructions as im not to good with this type stuff.
  13. I got a response on the help desk ticket. no need to help me thanks
  14. i wasnt sure where to post this but i did submit a ticket as well but thought maybe i can come here and find extra help.... I have my email setup to go into my Microsoft outlook program i have, and my site has a contact me link so that people can contact me for my services and it seems it is not working at all, i have sent 2 test emails to see if it isn't working and i have not received them at all. i need to know what the issue could be, my web designer says there is nothing wrong that it is setup right and should be working but its not, she has suggested i contact tech support on my hosting
  15. no sure have not, but it needs to be fixed cause if this has been going on longer then ive known about it can ruin my buisness
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