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Arles Image Web Page Creator

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not-free but so well worth the money. 30 shareware trial. longer if you use the beta.


I don't limit myself to only free software as my glowing review for Disruptor OL demonstrated. This program is a must have wheter or not your a pro photographer. This is a great way to share photos with friends and family on CD. New to the latest version is a small EXE to create autorun CDs (in case you didn't know html files cannot be autorun on their own).


Prior to finding Arles I was using Eyebatch. It was more geared to batch image processing. I hit up many of the major freeware and shareware sites fishing for a photo gallery powertool. I don't like being restricted to death in the name of simplicity. Arles has the newbie in mind with a bunch of bundled templates and presents. if you're handy with an html editor and CSS you can Whip up your own.


not just any file manager




I accidentally discovered that one can use the file manager to retain EXIF information whereas moving files with explorer can munge this information. that and ordering the thumbnail tiles in the explorer can be used to set display order in the gallery rather than sort by date or filename.


Elegance in design




the commonly used features are readily available and the powertoys are tucked away. an eye for GUI design and power in one!


easily watermark your images




that coupled with file renaming




The author is responsive to support questions and invites feature suggestions (yes, like Holger the disruptor ol developer hehe)


Got questions?



or check out the forum




this thatguy is here to help

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