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  1. yes, the diruptor ol guy writes other software. this one is freeware and stunningly cool "Replace all your ugly ping plotters and traceroute programs with a full-blown three dimensional traceroute program." I think I'm drawn to the products because they're designed like I think. Though I'm not the only one to think it cool: http://www.hlembke.de/prod/3dtraceroute/me...mediaaltert.htm
  2. not-free but so well worth the money. 30 shareware trial. longer if you use the beta. I don't limit myself to only free software as my glowing review for Disruptor OL demonstrated. This program is a must have wheter or not your a pro photographer. This is a great way to share photos with friends and family on CD. New to the latest version is a small EXE to create autorun CDs (in case you didn't know html files cannot be autorun on their own). Prior to finding Arles I was using Eyebatch. It was more geared to batch image processing. I hit up many of the major freeware and sharewa
  3. freeware, internet browser http://mozilla.org the site can be a little intimidating. I imagine this post will be around a while, though as I write this the latest final release version is 1.4: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...4-installer.exe windows http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...-1.4-sea.tar.gz linux http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...achO-1.4.dmg.gz OSX it's available on every useful platform .. windows, max, linux to name just a few. Hey, thatguy, what's so great about mozilla. you mean other than it's not-micro$oft? it's
  4. Smart FTP is the smart choice: it's free. (It's free for non-commercial use. fees apply to commercial users) http://SmartFtp.com I hate CuteFTP. there's nothing cute about it. But then I guess they'd have a hard time marketing it if accurately named AnnoyingAsSnotFTP check out the screenshots of the uncluttered interface: http://smartftp.com/screenshots.php not shown on their site on its, but cap'd by me, and sure to be loved by winamp fans, is the throughput meter. indicator can be snapped in to the main panel: http://smartftp.com/img/screenshot.speed.png every fe
  5. Associated? I use it. I profit nothing from you using this product if that's what you mean. This is an altruistic posting. I like the program. I reallllly like this program. Most great software gets grassroots promotion. I benefit by encouraging others to use this program thereby keeping the developer hard at work cranking out upgrades so I'll be able to continue using a great antispam product. Maybe I'm not as altruistic as I thought. A little selfish and a little selfless. the best of both? Kick the spam to the curb with Disruptor OL! As I stated I have beta tested it. Here I'll
  6. I locked myself out with a typo on email change so this isn't a bump; this is assurance of email on reply.
  7. http://BestSpamSoftware.com/ is an easy to remember url and the perfect description of Disruptor OL. If you are paranoid I've included two alternate links. click as you please -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you use an email client to access your mail as opposed to webmail like hotmail or yahoo then you should use some kind of antispam software. If you, lilke more than 80% of the business world, use Outlook as your email client you should invest in a copy of Disruptor OL: http://www.hlembke.de/prod/disruptor/ You will get hands down t
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