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Just Got Back To Tch, And Things Are Fast!


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Whoa, I tell ya. I was with TCH for a while, left I think back in 2006. My sites bounced around a bit between hosts, then to Media Temple with their "Grid service" Bleh, what a joke! The control panel was not like CPanel, which I find the best so far....also Media Temple was so slow! I host photoblogs, and I would have to wait 30 seconds to 1 min for a page to load! It was just getting out of hand. Also Media Temple's support ticket system was strange, it would keep a ticket open well after it was resolved. Kinda strange.


Anyhow, now I host wordpress blogs, and I successfully backed up my mySQL database, and seamlessly migrated it to TCH server (darthvader)...whew. Faster than Media Temple... ;-) :) In case you want to check my photo blog out its... http://www.pixelfight.com

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