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  1. Ah, very cool. Thanks for the info!!! It was really satisfying to block the two troublesome IP's. Now, I need a cigarette! hehe.
  2. Hello all, I have a personal website on Total choice hosting. An IP in Germany keeps flooding a link on my Wordpress 2.71 blog. Can I block it?? It keeps flooding my weblog. I am worried about having my bandwidth wasted. Please view my attachment to see what I mean...Ugh this is getting annoying seeing this IP constantly hammer my site. I am using a program called BBclone to monitor my Wordpress blog hits....btw.
  3. Yes, I was suckered in on Media Temple's very modern look, and also the talk about their proprietary "Grid Service" I am glad to be back here at TCH. Media Temple was so slow... I have been back with TCH for three weeks, they are flawless and fast! Hope to stay and build my blogs here at TCH!
  4. Whoa, I tell ya. I was with TCH for a while, left I think back in 2006. My sites bounced around a bit between hosts, then to Media Temple with their "Grid service" Bleh, what a joke! The control panel was not like CPanel, which I find the best so far....also Media Temple was so slow! I host photoblogs, and I would have to wait 30 seconds to 1 min for a page to load! It was just getting out of hand. Also Media Temple's support ticket system was strange, it would keep a ticket open well after it was resolved. Kinda strange. Anyhow, now I host wordpress blogs, and I successfully backed up my mySQL database, and seamlessly migrated it to TCH server (darthvader)...whew. Faster than Media Temple... ;-) In case you want to check my photo blog out its... http://www.pixelfight.com
  5. Ah ha!!! I found the problem!! I am currently building a photo blog using a plugin called Yapb. This is what was the problem..... http://johannes.jarolim.com/yapb-forum/showthread.php?tid=35 Basically when I was posting, the Yapb plugin was taking date infomation out of my image! ;-) LoL figured it out!
  6. Hello, I have moved from using Movable Type to Wordpress because my sites were doing something funky to my accounts. Now, I have downloaded Wordpress 2.05 and everytime I make post, it posts a totally wrong date and sometimes the wrong year! Then, when I go back to the post to correct the date and time, it wont post my post!! Has anyone had the same problem with the newest Wordpress. Help!!
  7. Hello, I currently own a reseller account. My important sites are http://www.pixelfight.com http://portfolio.pixelfight.com and http://www.chicagosnapshot.com A few weeks ago, server 65 was migrated to server 365. There were performace issues with my PHP scripts after the migration. I was getting worried that I would have to leave TCH because I know that webhosts don't usually support third party scripts. So, I spoke with TCHguruBill via yahoo chat, and opened up a support ticket. They noticed the problem with the server and asked if I would like to be switched to another server. I was a little worried about switching servers, however Bill handled it with no problem. The only small hitch was I had to wait for the DNS to refresh. Anyway, I am sticking with TCH because of their support, servers and indepth knowledge in the area of webhosting. Thanks TCH! I hope to stay for many years to come! Chris
  8. Hi, I own www.pixelfight.com It is my photo blog. I want to place a button on the bottom of each photo that says "Order this print" Then I want to automatically send this information to either www.ofoto.com or www.shutterfly.com Can this be done? Any MT gurus out there? Thanks chris
  9. What is a good heatsink and fan combo to keep my AMD 64 3800 Venice cool? I am running socket 939. Any suggestions? Right now I am running 43 C at idle! I want to be down in the high 30s at idle. thanks
  10. Logitech LX700 People, if you want a really good wireless keyboard and mouse, get this item! I am getting zero dropped keystokes and the mouse is very accurate. Also, there is a cradel to recharge the mouse. The range is also good. I can type from 8 feet away! Just a little hardware tip. All in all a very comfortable mouse and keyboard as well.
  11. You can try Imagevuex I love that script, (program) err..whatever it is
  12. Imagevuex This is without a doubt the best macromedia flash / php image gallery application out there. Simply upload the application, CHMOD the correct folders, then create additional folders under the main application folder. CHMOD the additional folders...and upload your images. Any size images!! Check out my little portfolio site The application costs about 45 dollars.
  13. Movable type fix Looks like the 500 server error problems are solved! Just incase you guys did not know about this. chris
  14. You know, I think maybe I will leave things as they are. I really hope that I don't have to purchase additional bandwidth for this one site.
  15. I was a graphic designer and web designer. After 9/11/01 the ad agency that I was working for could not pay me, so I quit. I freelanced for a number of years. The work was not solid and I asked myself if I wanted to be a 50 year old graphic designer/web designer. I am not that good with backend programing. Then I decided that the medical field was kind of interesting. So now, I am in school to become a Radiographer, i.e. X-ray Technician. It's kind of fun, I hope it eventually pays the bills.
  16. I have a photo blog CS It about three years old. Last month I had to increase my bandwidth using my accounts WHM to about 14GB. Most of the traffic is coming from people doing searches on images.google.com. It seems like most of my bandwidth is getting used up with these Google Image searches. Is there a movable type plugin or a script that i can add to my templates to say something like "blocked for conservation of bandwidth". Dont get me wrong, I want people to visit my site, I just would like to see if I can block people from doing Google Image searches and just coming up with a single image from my site. I would perfer that they did a regular search engine search and got my my site... Any suggestions? Thanks! -chris
  17. Exactly, when something went wrong with my movable type blogs, my past two webhosts basically claimed that *I* was doing something wrong or my installation of MT was to blame...ugh......it was quite frustrating and upsetting since I have a basic install. Also my past webhosts had really bad server memory problems...At TCH it's just the opposite. I'm looking forward to MT 3.2!!
  18. I like the hosting that I am getting here and the attention to Movable Type issues. I like the fact that you guys were on the ball figuring out the problem with the latest Cpanel and Movable Type. I was getting internal server errors 500. Andy was nice enough to downgrade the modules on my server. Very cool. Now, I just have to wait for Movable Type to create a patch.... I understand that the downgrades cannot continue, but hopefully MT will get a patch soon..... From Six Apart Thanks TCH for having a grasp on this issue! - Chris
  19. I also have had internal server errors, I hope that Movable Type can correct their code to work with the latest version of pearl. I hope that MT 3.2 will have a fix for this problem.
  20. I have a photoblog pixelfight.com What I want to do is add a small "purchase this photo" button on each of my individual archive pages. When you click on this button, it will lead to an order page, where people can view a smaller version of the image and order that particuar photo. I somehow have to pass a few variables from the individual page templet an order page. I just don't know how I can pass variables from one templet to the next. An example on what I am trying to achieve can be located here (click on the "buy this photo" button). I'm trying to figure out how this person passed variables from the one page to an order page.. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I have to involve PHP? I am stumped... -chris
  21. Well, I successfully moved my three Movable Type blogs to TCH. I must say, that my pages are loading allot faster than on my previous webhost's server! I love it!! I also like the fact that TCH knows much more than my last webhost about Movable Type, and the issues that Movable Type bloggers face (i.e. content spammers, installation and setup). I have a simple reseller account, with more than enough space for my two photoblogs CS and PF. One other thing that I have noticed is that as I log into the WHM, I notice that my server has only 46% of the memory used! My last webhost's server was using 70%-80% memory used. So, I have to say that I feel that I made the right choice by moving my blogs to TCH. I look forward to keeping my sites here for a long time! -chris
  22. I like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. There is also Edit Plus, I really like that text editor to do all my fine tuning in.
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