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Second Copy - Cheap Backup Software

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Alright, this is for all you guys that are walking the high wire without a net (or backups). You know who you are!


Last month, my hard drive failed. Luckily, I use a program called Second Copy. As a result, I was able to reinstall everything with hardly any effort.


This is Windows only software. Here's how it works. Every so often (you specify how often) this program copies in the background all the files that have changed since the last time it checked from a source location to a destination location. It's extremely simple to use and takes all the hassle out of making backups. I copy everything to an external firewire hard drive.


Sure it's not a RAID array, but it's a heck of a lot nicer than dealing with tape or CD-R or DVD+/-R.


The software is $29.95 for personal use on one computer. Believe me, after my last incident, I consider it well worth the money. If you're interested, check it out at http://www.centered.com




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Thanks for the suggestion. Have been looking for a low-cost alternative. Will check it out!


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I agree 100% with Aaron that Second Copy is very useful. I have used it for over a year now, backing up data files on my PC daily (compresses them into zip files).


I recently screwed up my computer, corrupted a lot of system and program files. Luckily I had current backups. I took the following steps: (1) uploaded them to X-Drive, (2) reformatted the hard drive, (3) reinstalled Windows XP and all programs, (4) downloaded all my backups, then restored the saved files...it worked!


I share a computer with my partner; she has some very important documents which could easily have all been lost. I may have saved our relationship because of those backups with Second Copy. 'Nuff said.



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