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  1. Thanks Thomas, I already installed it tonight. I appreciate all your update posts, by the way; you're on top of it. I use IE along with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Firefox is my main browser; honestly, I could get by with just one browser for my needs, but each one has its own strengths. I just have to be careful not to install too many extensions and plugins into Firefox, otherwise it gets bogged down. Stefan
  2. same here, no apparent problems yet...everything is running fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep an eye out for any weird symptoms my PC may have. Stefan
  3. Welcome Bonnie. I'm a long-time satisfied customer who appreciates the fine service and excellent staff members who operate TCH. Stefan
  4. I thought the lighting was good; the really important part is the audio, which comes through crystal clear. You can really hear the entire range of your bass. Are you playing direct into the computer, or are you going through a processor/mixer first? Whatever your method, it sounds great! Your technical facility is clean and the music itself is really sweet. I like the chord progression...this tune is reminiscent of Michael Manring, although you are clearly doing your own thing. Can you tell I'm an ex-bass player? I played 4-string primarily, in Funk, Jazz, and Blues bands. I even tried to incorporate some tapping techniques into my groove playing, kind of like Roscoe Beck, when he was with Robben Ford. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music, looking forward to hearing (and seeing) some more. peace, Stefan
  5. Pretty cool, eh? I believe that music is inherent in all of us; some people just have that extra musicality, soul, however you define it. I imagine Paul Potts must have sung all the time, in the shower, with records, wherever he could. People like me have to spend years practicing in the privacy of our bedrooms, then take it out into the public by playing in bands (or solo) or even in the recording studio. We may never have that breakthrough moment that comes from an internationally broadcast performance, but who knows if I would perform with as much grace and totality if I had my 15 minutes of fame? Natalie, you have a special talent too. I hope some of our other TCH family members have heard your recordings. Stefan
  6. yeah, Paul Potts has so much soul in his singing. I heard him on NPR recently, speaking and singing. I don't have TV at home, so I hadn't heard of him until that radio show. I see his new career is taking off; congratulations to him; he definitely deserves it. Stefan
  7. Okay, seeing as how this thread is active again, please check out this 15-year old Filipina, Charice Pempengco. She's been singing and appearing on contest television show in the Philippines and Korea since the age of seven. She's very experienced in that realm. But here's a sweet performance from the Ellen Degeneres Show; she really digs into the lower part of her vocal range (where she's not singing so hard): youtube.com/watch?v=43ILRhSWxak&feature=related Here's another one where she's younger, appearing on a Korean television show; these shows are huge in Asian countries: youtube.com/watch?v=WZccz5cy3ks&feature=related I love watching the judges respond to her performance. Stefan
  8. Ha ha ha... That's funny, and very well done. This is the kind of web presentation that made me want to become a web programmer many years ago. I must confess, I never developed my skills beyond the basics, but I'm always interested to see what the real web developers are doing. Stefan
  9. Okay, I'll check it out. Also, what about KeePass; does anyone have experience using it? The developers claim that it also installs on a flash drive and provides encryption with a master password. Thank you for advising me to go the safe route on this matter. I've changed my mind about uploading the bookmark file to my web site, even with password protection. That could have been a serious "doh!" on my part. Stefan
  10. Thanks, your advice is wise and smart. I'm just trying to find a way to access my bookmarks without putting them all into Firefox, then exporting those. I have so many bookmarks that I don't store them in my browser; I prefer the program I use, Bookmark Buddy (it also encrypts all the data). If I stored the file in my home directory how would I access that file via a web browser; would I have to log into cPanel to access it? Ultimately, I think I'll have to spring for a USB memory device and use that for portablility. thanks, Stefan
  11. Hi, I recently experienced the total crash of my home PC. I had become careless with backups and subsequently lost all my data, all my passwords, bookmarks, login details, personal documents...everything. I've since purchased a new PC and recovered 90% of my bookmarks and recreated most of my important personal documents. I'm also saving my important data daily, archiving them into zip files, copying to an external hard drive, finally uploading them to an online data storage service. I've become adamant about this daily routine and feel pretty confident that I can recover my personal data if I need to in the future. Here's the big question: I have a bookmark utility that stores all my internet bookmarks, including username/password details for each. I export that data into an htm document and wonder if it is safe/secure to upload that document to my web site and make it be password accessible via an htaccess file. I'd like to have those bookmarks be accessible on my web site anywhere that I use a computer. I also use Furl and StartAid to save some of my bookmarks (the ones where I remember the passwords and don't need them stored). Using the htaccess method, is that a secure and safe solution to storing my bookmarks...or is it just plain foolish and asking for trouble? My plan (next paycheck) is to purchase a portable USB memory drive and use that instead of the aforementioned solution. Stefan
  12. hmm...I already use K-Lite Codec Pack Standard with Media Player Classic. I'll check out some of the alternatives; I've rarely use RealPlayer, but have had it so many years I never think about it. Thanks for the info. Stefan
  13. Sweet...nice guitar, unique color. Have you always played Gibsons? I used to spend way too many hours on my computer, until I got a guitar and started spending way too much time playing it. have fun, Stefan
  14. Ha ha...I love it. It was actually kind of cool, those early days when home-users had to program their own PC's, in DOS mode, with BASIC. I think that the average home-user today takes computers for granted (I know I do), never realizing (as well they shouldn't) just how fragile the boot sequence is and what a miracle that computers work the way they do. Thank you to all the geeks who invented and developed these damn things. I remember my programmer friend at Microsoft told me (back in 1993) that "good code is like poetry and that it is beautiful to read". Wow! Stefan
  15. Hi Dorsey, I'd like to add my 2 cents here: I just read this entire thread and believe that the comment you took offense to was made by "JRKy", (another client like you and myself), not by Bill or any other TCH staff. My perception of the communication between you and Bill was it was respectful on both sides. I hope that the interactions between you and TCH staff remains so. That's the important thing here: that you keep your business with a company you like...and TCH gets to keep a good customer like yourself. Stefan
  16. I know how much fun I have when I buy a new computer (or even just upgrade a component), but an entire Data Center?!? Congratulations Bill and staff. Stefan
  17. I just upgraded, it took five minutes and is working fine. Of course, I have a really basic and simple installation, no extras. I was lucky this time, in the past, I've broken the program and had to start over, with a blank slate. It's definitely a good idea to read the upgrade directions before upgrading.
  18. Very good news indeed! Thank you Bill and TCH staff. I have a challenging enough time maintaining my own little PC; I can't imagine having the huge responsibility of maintaining hundreds (thousands?) of clients' web servers. Good luck with this newest transition...and Happy New Year to all. peace, Stefan
  19. Okay, forgive me...I know most of us have better things to do than watch videos of television shows, but I just ran across a pretty amazing performance by a contestant on some new show. Her name is Bianca Ryan. dailymotion.com/tag/funny/video/316799 I liked it. As a musician, I have to say that it's good to see young people with real talent (that know it). Stefan
  20. Paul, I'm sorry to hear of your loss of your father. Good luck in the next few days, especially with all the organizing of the services. I hope that your family and friends can come together to bring each other support and much love. Be well. Stefan
  21. This may not help you, but I also tried to log in to the Billing System and discovered that I am in the old system, which, in time will be converted to the new one. That's not the official TCH response, but it may help to know you're not the only one. Stefan
  22. Sure thing...except that I came home from work today, listened to the newest tune with fresh ears. YIKES! It's awful, so I'm going to re-record today or tomorrow. I think I was being too stubborn when I recorded it yesterday, it sounds really forced. Thanks for the compliments, I'll get back to you when my work is worthy of such praise. Stefan
  23. Thank you all for the kind comments about my guitar playing. Sigh, I just spent four hours recording yet another tune, it's on my site: h**p://stefan.phatfunkjazz.com/media.htm This one is a Jazz blues in the style of Wes Montgomery (not that I play anywhere near as tastefully as him), and I stubbornly played it at too brisk of a tempo...I felt like I was racing. Anyway, my thanks again to TCH for giving such great hosting services. It's SO easy to manage my web pages and multimedia files through cPanel. peace, Stefan
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