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Sorry I Am So Late In Posting This!

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When I decided that I would like to have my own domain/website/etc. I had absolutely no idea of how one accomplished this. Searching for web hosting was extremely confusing, and I just about gave up when I stumbled upon the TCH forums. On that basis alone, I decided that TCH was the one for me, and I have never regretted my decision.


Although my site is very low-profile, on the few occasions that I have needed to submit help tickets, the responses were almost instantaneous, any questions were promptly and courteously answered, and any problems were resolved completely. Even though I have only a "starter account", I certainly received top-of-the-line treatment.


I would, therefore, encourage anyone looking for a quality web hosting company to look no further than TotalChoice Hosting. They are rockstars.


Best regards to all-

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Thanks LeeD


I am thankful we are able to fit your needs.


If I can do anything to help you at any point, please just let me know.



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