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  1. When I decided that I would like to have my own domain/website/etc. I had absolutely no idea of how one accomplished this. Searching for web hosting was extremely confusing, and I just about gave up when I stumbled upon the TCH forums. On that basis alone, I decided that TCH was the one for me, and I have never regretted my decision. Although my site is very low-profile, on the few occasions that I have needed to submit help tickets, the responses were almost instantaneous, any questions were promptly and courteously answered, and any problems were resolved completely. Even though I have only a "starter account", I certainly received top-of-the-line treatment. I would, therefore, encourage anyone looking for a quality web hosting company to look no further than TotalChoice Hosting. They are rockstars. Best regards to all-
  2. Congratulations to all three winners!
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    *Quiznos Subs!* (p.s. We love Quizno's)
  4. Raul- What a marvelous building! I want one of those little cottages! Lee
  5. LeeD

    Dns Pointers

    Thanks, Robert and Don--mission accomplished! Lee
  6. LeeD

    Dns Pointers

    Bill- I appreciate all the help here at TCH--really reassuring to a new user like myself. My last question (I hope!) is this: after unlocking the domain name at the registrar's site to change the DNS pointers, should the domain name be relocked? This is probably a ridiculously silly question, but will ask it anyway! Regards, Lee
  7. LeeD

    Dns Pointers

    Thomas and Rick- Thanks for your comments/info. I went to the registrar's site and made the necessary changes. Should be good to go now.
  8. Hi to all- I purchased a domain thru Total Choice as well as a hosting account yesterday, and received a welcome email with necessary information. I see that the site is a "parked domain", and I understood that this was normal for the first few hours/days. However, in reading some of the forum postings, I came across a situation similar to mine in which the poster was advised to change the DNS pointers with the registrar, even though the welcoming email does not say that. Out of curiosity (which always gets me in hot water) I logged in to the registrar, but I can't find the section where I can do that. Hope that someone can clear up this confusion for me. Thanks in advance- Lee
  9. Weezy, David, and Dick: appreciate your comments very much. I decided upon the private registration---didn't want my address/phone displayed, but agree, Weezy, that it is an extra expense.
  10. Thanks, Bruce! (Wow, I barely hit the post button, and you had replied! You guys are great).
  11. I am in the process of registering domains, and I noticed the private registration option. Does anyone have any opinions and/or recommendations about this method? Since I have never had a domain/hosting before, this is all new "stuff" to me! Appreciate any input you may have! Lee
  12. Bellringr and Bruce--thanks so much for clarifying that for me. I appreciate the info, and will be signing up for an account/domain names ASAP.
  13. I have been wanting to buy hosting and a domain for awhile now, and, while researching this, I happened upon your site. I have really enjoyed reading the various postings in your forums--very informative for me, since I have never done this before! I am unfamiliar with some of the hosting "terminology", so if this has already been asked/answered, I do apologize. I would like to purchase two domain names (which are available), but actually use only one at the present time. I would buy the second domain for a future use. I have seen various posts which refer to parking domains, but I am not sure if this is what my situation will be? I appreciate any information you may care to provide. This is a very nice site! Regards, Lee
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