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Theme Question

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I downloaded some themes for an installation of WordPress I put it.

One of them was Ocadia. There were some others, but they all have the same problem. They are image based and I cannot seem to get the images to show...


Ocadia is the Ocadia theme in practice. (Hopefully. Let me know if the link doesn't work.)


My Ocadia - on my website.


I haven't a *clue* what is wrong. Unless the theme just doesn't work with the current version of Word Press.


Any thoughts as to why the images won't show up?

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Your CSS is looking for the images in the root folder of your domain and not the the blogs theme folder. I had this problem with a theme once when the blog was not in it's own subdomain.


Check your blog Options setup and be sure you have the proper paths defined in particular the Wordpress address URL and the Blog address URL.


If they are set up properly and it's not working, rename your "arcane" folder something else. In cpanel create a subdomain called arcane. Now delete the folder (arcane) the subdomain process created and rename your blog folder to "arcane".


In the options panel set both the Wordpress and Blog address to http://arcane.evanescing.org and it should work. If you are using permalinks you may need to regenerate them.


Hope that helps.

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Update: I tried all that stuff - an no joy.


So, I opened up my FTP program and looked into the file structure itself, to see if I forgot to upload the images. (I can be dumb like that sometimes. (; )


Oh, the images were there...

But not where the stylesheet was looking for them. I was missing the /images/ folder. I put one in - and it works fine. Ha. How weird. (;


Thanks Bruce! (=

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I'm having the same issue... I just installed WordPress, and I can't get the images from any of my themes to show up. They seem to be in the right folder, so I don't understand why they don't work with any of the themes I have tried. Can anyone help?

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Most often the images should be in a folder called images located inside the theme folder (ie wp-content/themes/images/).


Make sure the theme has been properly uploaded to the theme folder, then check that the path to the images looks like this in your css:

images/image name..jpg
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The images are in the correct folder and the path to the images are correct in my css file.


When I try to go to the image directly in a browser, I get this error:

The image “http://www.aftertastebliss.com/wp-content/themes/hijausegar/images/pageedit.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


I made sure all of the images were transferred in binary mode, so I don't think that is the issue.

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I am assuming you uploaded those png files via ftp? If so you need to upload the images again in binary format instead of ascii, or upload them via cPanel. I grabbed the image you posted and uploaded it via cPanel, it now displays properly.

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