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  1. Thanks, Thomas. I've submitted a ticket. I guess I'll have to wait and see. (=
  2. It would help to subscribe to replies, wouldn't it? >.> (*feels dumb* sorry! ) I did try that. That's when the posts just - disappeared. Members were fine... Private messages were fine... Forum Categories were fine... No topics in the forums themselves... It was really, really strange! (not to mention, I'm not entirely sure what the USE_FRM means... *blush* - but hte website I found abotu fixing a crashed table mentioned it....)
  3. I think this is where this goes... I'm working with an old version of SMF (simple machine forums). I think it's 1.2. (Yes, I know. It's very old.) The forum got heavily spammed because it went inactive for a while. I think that's why the smf_messages table crashed. I'm trying to restore the table so I can clean up the forum. Or, at least, save the old posts in some way. I have tried repairing the table... I even found something called REPAIR TABLE smf_messages USE_FRM.... Unfortunately, when I did that... All the posts seemed to vanish from the board. Completely. Though, the board still said page 1 of ___ pages of posts. Just no topics. It was odd. The spam posts weren't a big loss, but I did want the other ones. Any thoughts? Even links of where I should go to find what I need to fix it? The forum is at http://ashidai.org/nox/ - though because of the crashed table, you really can't see much.
  4. Update: I tried all that stuff - an no joy. So, I opened up my FTP program and looked into the file structure itself, to see if I forgot to upload the images. (I can be dumb like that sometimes. (; ) Oh, the images were there... But not where the stylesheet was looking for them. I was missing the /images/ folder. I put one in - and it works fine. Ha. How weird. (; Thanks Bruce! (=
  5. I downloaded some themes for an installation of WordPress I put it. One of them was Ocadia. There were some others, but they all have the same problem. They are image based and I cannot seem to get the images to show... Ocadia is the Ocadia theme in practice. (Hopefully. Let me know if the link doesn't work.) My Ocadia - on my website. I haven't a *clue* what is wrong. Unless the theme just doesn't work with the current version of Word Press. Any thoughts as to why the images won't show up?
  6. Well, currently, I use Expression Engine. And I <3 it. (; Before I switched to that, it was Wordpress. I just never got the hang of being able to code a layout for it. Made me utterly nuts. On the plus side - there are about 8 bazillion free layouts to be found for it. (= So, between MT and WP - gimmie some WP, baby!
  7. How is this working? I just threw out 573 spam emails from my email address... I'm seriously excited about this and I can't wait. If you need more help, let me know.
  8. Okay. Thanks, Tim. That's what I needed to know. (=
  9. Okay, so I have a question. If things are still in the process of being moved around or readjusted, just tell me to hang on and wait. Previously, phpbb was installed from another place in the CPanel - an addon script library or something, I think. And you were able to modify/update/delete those installs from the same place. Now, all of that has been transferred to Fantastico, because they are better at keeping the updates updated (so I hear.) My current installations of phpbb do not show up in the Fantastico menu, when I click on phpbb2. It tells me I have no current installations, which I know to be untrue. I guess, my question is, is that because the current installs are not the same version as what's in Fantastico (2.0.21)? I can do the updates myself, it's no big. I'm just curious abotu that.
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