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  1. julie

    Theme Question

    Update - this problem seemed to be resolved when I uploaded the pictures manually in File Manager from Cpanel.
  2. julie

    Theme Question

    The images are in the correct folder and the path to the images are correct in my css file. When I try to go to the image directly in a browser, I get this error: The image “http://www.aftertastebliss.com/wp-content/themes/hijausegar/images/pageedit.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I made sure all of the images were transferred in binary mode, so I don't think that is the issue.
  3. julie

    Theme Question

    I'm having the same issue... I just installed WordPress, and I can't get the images from any of my themes to show up. They seem to be in the right folder, so I don't understand why they don't work with any of the themes I have tried. Can anyone help?
  4. I've finally decided to take the plunge and switch my blog from Movable Type 3.2 to WordPress. I haven't looked at anything Movable Type related in so long, and now that I want to make some changes, I can't remember how any of the code works and I have no desire to try and figure it out! So I figured starting fresh would be best. My question is, I see that I can install WordPress using Fantastico in Cpanel (which seems awesome) - if I want to do this, but still have my Movable Type blog in place until I get everything running, will I mess up my Movable Type blog? Should I just install WordPress in an all new folder? Then once I have it set up like I want it, will I be able to switch the WordPress installation over to the root easily? Thanks!
  5. Hi - I'm trying to install SCode on natelog.aftertastebliss.com. Everything seemed to be in order, except that it did not display the image. I'm not sure if I have the GD library and GD Perl Module installed on my server - I checked the installed Perl Modules and found a bunch of "GD" listings, but I do not know if they are what I need or not. Any ideas? I've disabled SCode on that blog for now. Thanks!
  6. I'm wondering why my favicon shows up in the browser for my site http://www.eatitandloveit.com but not in my RSS reader? Do I need to put my favicon somewhere else, add code to the feeds, etc?
  7. I think i figured this out on my own - the #c should be replaced with #comment- I guess that has changed for MT 3.2.
  8. I'm using this code in my sidebar on my page http://www.aftertastebliss.com. I'd like the link to take you directly to the comment when you click on it, but this code seems to just be taking me to the top of the entry. ><MTComments lastn="5" sort_order="descend"> <li class="module-list-item"><$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0"$> on <MTCommentEntry> <a href="<MTEntryPermalink archive_type="Individual">#c<$MTCommentID$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a> </MTCommentEntry> </MTComments> </li> </ul>
  9. I am running two blogs on the same installation of MT 3.2, so I wanted to create some alternate search templates (a separate for each blog). I followed the directions here: http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/docs/3..._templates.html and everything seems to be working, except for if you search again from the search results page (using the new search bar that appears at the top of the page, not the original one in the sidebar), it lists the new search results using theo the default.tmpl file for both blogs. I'm not sure where to edit this setting. The two blogs are: http://www.aftertastebliss.com http://www.aftertastebliss.com/natelog While I'm at it - is there any way to use a php include in the alternate search templates? I noticed that it didn't work, so I had to use an MT Include (same with my comment pending, comment error, etc templates) which is less desirable, as my Recent Comments do not show up in the sidebar when using MT Includes. THANKS!
  10. I just upgraded to MT 3.2 today and suddenly it seems that my php includes aren't working on some pages at www.aftertastebliss.com When you click on any of the Month archives, the sidebar should show up on the right hand side. It seems to show up on some pages, but not all. Any ideas why??
  11. Is there a way to require a commenter to enter their email address but not publish it in the actual comment? I have seen this on Wordpress, but haven't found a way to do it in MT.
  12. Also, even with Email Notification off, it seems like I am still getting all the notifications for the spam comments. Is this something that SpamLookup does or is something screwy going on with my site?
  13. I just installed SpamLookup a few days ago - I am running MT 3.121. I've been getting 50-60 spam messages a day. I have both options checked as "Block on a Match" in the Lookups configuration tab, but I was wondering if there was any way (or any other spam beating devices that you know of) that will just outright stop the comments from showing up at all, even as "Pending?" It is still a major pain in the butt to delete all these messages everyday and they still get emailed when I have the Email Comment Notification thing on. I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do other than just delete the messages - I haven't really found a clear definition anywhere on exactly how to use SpamLookup. Should I be submitting IP addresses somewhere??? Does MT 3.2 do any better of a job with this? I know it has SpamLookup integrated into it already, but is it the same deal as the one you can install yourself? Thanks for any help!!!
  14. Hi - I'm playing around with a 3 column layout for my site, http://www.eatitandloveit.com The practice site with the 3 columns is at http://www.eatitandloveit.com/practiceindex.php I would like to have the banner on the 3 column site be right against the top and sides of the screen (aka no white above, to the left, or to the right). I have this on my regular site, but I am not sure how to do it on the new one. I appreciate your help!
  15. On my site, www.aftertastebliss.com, if you view an individual entry and the entry is longer than the sidebar, the white of the sidebar doesn't extend all the way to the bottom. any clues on how i can fix this?
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