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Wildcard Domain Access Host


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Hi ppl,


Does anybody know how to use the Wildcard access host Feature in Mysql ? Where it catches all domain names on specified server..


In Cpanel it says:


Host (% wildcard is allowed): [ Text Box ] {Add Host} << button add host




Say my domain is: http: // golf.mydomain . com a subdomain of my main domain..


what do i put into the Text Box in order to set up wildcard access host so it catches all urls built on the fly for the subdomain golf ?


*http: // golf.mydomain . com ??

%http: // golf.mydomain . com ??


This has been puzzling me for weeks people.. and it seems no one i ask seems to know, nore does any forum i ask know how to do it.. Infact i even got a copy of Cpanel User manual and its not in there .. lol


so please someone put me out of my misery ..





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The Access Host feature is for remote connection to the MySQL database, i.e. if you want to connect from your local computer, another server, etc. You would enter the IP address thta you wish to allow access. Entering the wildcard $ will allow any IP access. To connect directly from your website you would just use localhost as the server in the MySQL set up whether it is for your main domain or a subdomain.

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