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  1. Ahhh i think i get it now .. I knew someone at TCH would know what it was all about.. Thanks rick regards Newy
  2. Hi ppl, Does anybody know how to use the Wildcard access host Feature in Mysql ? Where it catches all domain names on specified server.. In Cpanel it says: Host (% wildcard is allowed): [ Text Box ] {Add Host} << button add host Say my domain is: http: // golf.mydomain . com a subdomain of my main domain.. what do i put into the Text Box in order to set up wildcard access host so it catches all urls built on the fly for the subdomain golf ? *http: // golf.mydomain . com ?? %http: // golf.mydomain . com ?? This has been puzzling me for weeks people.. and it seems no one i ask seems to know, nore does any forum i ask know how to do it.. Infact i even got a copy of Cpanel User manual and its not in there .. lol so please someone put me out of my misery .. regards newy
  3. I guess im gonna have to email support. there must be somthing wrong with the server.. Ive just tried to set it up on a different subdomain on a different host.. and it worked first time. thanks anyway
  4. It worked in the root of the domain in a folder using localhost .. But i wanted to stick it in a subdomain, for various reasons. Its a recipricol links management tool : http://www.onlinemarketingtoday.com/software/link-management/
  5. I got all my username database name etc.. just need the mysql server path: when choosing 'localhost' i get the following error: "Couldn't connect to the specified MySQL server " i got no idea
  6. hi, Im trying to install a script on a subdomain that requires a database.. Can anyone tell me what the path would be from my subdomain to myqsl server ? Ive tried. localhost, subdomain.my domain .com, www.my domain com and a few others.. Does anyone know what im supposed to put into the MySql server field ? regards newy
  7. Hi wampthing. U say youve set up a tip of the day script on your site ? I dont suppose you could tell me where you got it from. as ive been searchng for a script like this for the last 24 hrs and cant seem to find a good one ! regards newmannewy
  8. Opened a support ticket ! Got it fixed !
  9. Hi command i had a look at your code and changed it a little: see here: http://www.webalink.co.uk/command.htm Just view source code and steal it ( right click - copy / paste ) You can even Place all the CSS in an external style sheet ! copy and paste all the stuff between: <style type="text/css"> blah blah </style> Save it in a Txt only file and call it : css.css Removing <style type="text/css"> + </style> Then link to it using this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css.css"> Hope this helps.. Just play around with the code you will soon get the hang of it. Theres alot more you can do with your page and my code is by no means Perfect but its a start and im really tired and need sleep regards newmannewy
  10. What is <nobr> ?? Never heard of that let alone seen it . Its also throwing up loads of errors on your validation I dont understand why you need to use it .
  11. Hi im having problems with squirrel mail. Is anyone else ? I had a recipricol links exchnage script installed a yesterday ( friday ) and all was fine. then came to read my e-mail a while ago and got this error: Warning: session_write_close(): write failed: No space left on device (28) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/redirect.php on line 158 Warning: session_write_close(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/redirect.php on line 158 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:158) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/redirect.php on line 159 Does anyone know why im getting this or how to fix it ? Im also getting an error on my link exchange script: http://www.casinothief.com all ive changed is a bit of css to fit my site better and the links@ email addy to elinks@ in the admin area due to ppl spam links@ quite a lot. Can anyone help ? regards newmannewy
  12. thanks for that link old timer. that does look a good script ! very well priced aswell.. I have added it to bookmarks and will use it next time many thanks!
  13. cheers don ! + thanks for the congrats ! 4 digit sum totally out the blue.. im chuffed as a chocolate frog will look into phpauction asap weeeeeeeeee
  14. Its all academic now anyway .. Cause i got an e-mail today and someone offered to buy my website ! So i sold it $*000 smackaroonies for me ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Arent i clever boy ! I wernt planning on selling it. infact i hadent even thought about it.. but some guy liked my idea and the concept ofeered me the cash.. I declined said it wasnt enough . so he offered me more and i snatched his hand off ! mwahahahaha ! Off on my new venture ! Dont suppose anyone knows a good Auction script ? I have a great idea to rival ebay
  15. hi jim thanks for the reply. and i do see your point.. but its not applicable for me. I cant believe no one has a good link exchange script.. this is startin to drive me nutz ! nobody ever used one or uses one for linking to other sites ? ooh man
  16. Hi folks. Im looking for a good recipricol links exchange script.. Ive tried a few out from hotscripts but non seem to fit exactly what i want. The best so far is linkman but it doesnt have categories. which i need. does anybody use or know of a good recipricol links exchange program or script. that has categories. and the capacity to check the recipricol link has added my web link to their website.. many thanks in advance newmannewy
  17. Lady: "Im the Tallest" sealion: "No im the Tallest"
  18. Lady: " giz a kiss " sea lion " sorry luv your not my type! "
  19. Hi Mc. U have my problem. Im a newbie too . I have no idea about all this ftp nonsense, i only have to look at it and im confussed. but the people that know seem to prefer it. And yes you can upload via Cpanel .. In your welcome e-mail you should have 2 access points. your http://www. domain.com/cpanel and ur new username and password... Or if your nameservers havent been changed yet . there should be an I.P address version looking somthing like this: 176.283.12/cpanel in your welcome e-mail where you can upload your website and configure it beofre the name servers take effect.. I think im right anyway ! Im sure thats what i done ..
  20. Hi jay .. I made him about 7 8 images to choose from hes already chosen it.. and using it on his forum ! so i deleted the folder and file to save it being indexed.. what u got is my poor attempt at an error page for my own site. which is being re-built ! soon to be a super site !
  21. Hope these help ! www.casinobandits.com/cheltnam/
  22. Thanks for the reply and help.. but alas i give in and quit ! I cant take it anymore .. Firefox is a complete pile of poop! and im sick to death of these cross browser compatibility issues.. Im re-building my site with left nav in tables and scrapping that horizontal thing altogether .. lol .. I did try and re-build using 3 colum layout in divs with a top banner. ooh how i laughed at firefox consistenly pushing my content 2 pixels to the right, or IE. pushing it to the left for the last 3 days.. such joy ! such fullfuilment ! HEAD GURU - BIll ? ... still waiting....
  23. ok folks heres my problem(s) 1). My menu looks good in I.E but doesnt work in Firefox http://www.casinobandits.com'>http://www.casinobandits.com Does anyone know how to fix it ? or have a Css replacement one? 2). although i have read a few tutorials etc on validation i Have no understanding of it..Infact it totally boggles my head and leaves me extreemly confussed. (which isnt all that hard to do) 3). Could someone kindly provide me with a relevent <b>Doctype</b> and <b>charset</b> for both my websites: http://www.casinobandits.com + http://www.guide2casinos.co.uk So i could then check it against validation services and fix required problems .. many thanks for any help in advance !
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