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Wp Themes...won't Work


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Posting here is the consequence of my spending a couple hours already trying to troubleshoot a WP Theme problem:

  • I've installed WordPress.
  • I went to the part of WP where I can select a theme.
  • The "classic" theme is listed under "Broken Themes" with the message "Stylesheet is Missing".
  • If I install other themes, they also end up being listed under "Broken Themes" with the message "Stylesheet is Missing". But the stylesheets are not missing.

I've spent a while googling this problem. I've found others with the same problem who later post "Never mind. I fixed it." (but never specify how it was fixed). This happens whether I install via Fantastico or install it on my own. I've gone through several installs and uninstalls on my server, with the same problem. I installed on another webhost with absolutely no problem whatsoever, so I'm wondering if something is configured wrong on my server. Does anyone have a suggestion on something to try that would fix the Themes problem? Can anyone reproduce this problem? I'm on server 300.

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