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Domain Transferred Now Problem Logging In

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you might be able to help me out,

I am not sure if should ask domain registerar or TCH,

but I start here to see what happen,


I had my domain with other company than TCH,

I did transfer my domain to another third company,

now after transfering is done, I can not log in to my tch host to

change the new ip address to point to new domain regiserar,

my adderss to log into my account of hosting is:



and now my new address to access to my domain setting is



now whenever I type the address to host (www.mywdomain.com/cpanel ),

I will be redirected to the domain registerar site.


any solution for this, to be able to log in to my hosting account?



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If you are hosting here why would you change your cPanel login? It would still be yourTCHdomain.com/cpanel. If you cant even see your domain when you type it into your browser then you need to change your name servers at your registrar to those in your welcome letter sent to you when you bought your hosting account here.


You do not change anything here when changing your registrar, you make a change there if necessary.

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