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Domain Name Question

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I've designed a website for a friend's business.


Here's the problem:

If you goto www.friendsbusinessname.com it brings up an adult site!!


Should we register www.friendsbusiness-name.com and hope no one for gets the '-'?


or should we use a name in conjunction with the city it's located in?



Thanks for your advice!

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The farther away you can make the domain name, probably the better.


I've been in companies that have had popular websites spoofed for adult business by registering wwwourdomain.com for those who would forget the period, of which we were luckily able to take over (since we existed first and we had good lawyers). But something like yours above you would not likely have any right to.


I'd recommend the city option, or some other way of differentiating yourself more than just by a dash.

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I may be coming to this discussion a bit late (sorry), but I'd do something totally different from the questionable site you mention. If you can, try abreviating one of the words in your friend's business name with a common abbreviation, or try using initals for one of the words or something.


Maybe you could do a domain name that deals with the type of product/service that your friend sells. So if I had a brick-and-mortar shop called Abinidi's and I sold computers, I might go with abinidiscomputers.com.


If I were in your shoes, I'd do something totally different than the questionable URL, if you don't want people stumbling on the wrong site by accident. If I thought my online business might do better than my brick-and-mortar shop, I'd even consider changing the business name to get a goot TLD name. That last step is probably too dramatic for most people, but if you are going to make enough money off yoru online business, it might be worth it.

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