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Sitemap And Redirects


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Ok, first a little history, and all of the below was learn as you go.


As a newbie, I made a FrontPage html website for a small business.

I made a Google sitemap with some generator and submitted it to Google, and put it in the root.


Now sometime later, I have a php cart ready, and it has a built in sitemap generator for its catalog only. I have not used it yet. Catalog is now in a directory and I may put in root later if someone suggest that.


I took the pages from the old html site and permanent redirected them to the appropriate selected cart pages including index to index.


The original site map is still on but Google webservice site show it does not go beyond the sitemap links and only the index is updated in cached list so far, (may just need more time). All appears to have been crawled, Google comes to the site a lot. MSN has seen it all and shows all when I use there search. The redirects work perfectly.


Could someone please advise whether I should leave the Google sitemap for my original html with redirects as is? And if so how long?

And is it safe or ok to create new additional sitemaps of my cart catalog and submit them to Google too? I'm thinking this is ok, but not sure.


I am not sure of the proper etiquette, and want to maintain things and not upset the big googly god. Please forgive me as I barely understand what or how I got where I am.

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If you run the website from the cart alone, I would move the cart to the main root, if not, leave it in the sub directory.


With regards to sitemap, I would submit a new sitemap right away and remove the old one. Google already knows your old links, so no need to continously tell them. If you remove your old sitemap, you can always use htaccess to redirect old links to the new links and put a 301 permanent redirect link in. That way they will slowly dissappear and be replaced by your new weblinks.


Sometimes you have to upset the big googly god but as long as you have something else to replace it with, all should be ok.



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