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Site Not Displaying Correctly When Posted

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This is my first website and I’m learning as I’m going and right now I’m frustrated as to what I could be doing wrong.


I created the site in DreamWeaver and runs great on my local machine, but when I uploaded it to the server none of the photos in the “photoalbum” page display, just get the red “X”’s. http://www.nimandjay.com


Is there something I should be doing differently? Do I have to many directories (setup like that because it’s easy for me to update that way).




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Right – the 404 error when clicking on one of the 6 photos in the photo album is the problem I'm trying to describe, and fix.


Once I completed the website on my local machine I tested it and it was working fine. I then zipped up all the files and folders, uploaded them to TCH and unzipped them (read that in an earlier post as the cat's meow for doing this).


They unzipped correctly, and I can see all of the photos, directories, etc.. when I go through CPANEL file manager.


However, as both of you have experienced the site gives the impression that none of the files are there. I would think since it works okay on local machine and I just uploaded all of the files and directories it would work on the internet too.



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On your computer case did not matter

but on the linux server it does

egypt.htm source shows


<FRAME src="Data/thumbs.htm" NAME="Left Frame" scrolling="auto">

<FRAME src="Data/page.htm" NAME="Right Frame" scrolling="auto">


however the folder Data does not exist

but the folder data does.

Your ftp program may have converted the folder names to lower case.

You should only use lower case for file and folder names.

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Best way to avoid problems? Follow standard naming practices for page names, downloadable files, music, anchors, subdirectories, images, and ANYTHING YOU POINT TO that can become part of a webpage address.


Use lowercase, avoid caps if possible. Some servers, including the TCH Linux servers, will see mypage.htm and MyPage.htm as two different pages and others consider it to be the same page! If you had built your site on a different server that said they are the same and moved your site to one that knows they are different, your links would not work.


DO NOT use SPACES in the names. Browsers do not allow spaces in URL addresses so don't do it.


DO NOT use SYMBOLS in the names. With the exception of (underline). Worst violation! Browsers do not allow symbols in URL addresses.


Keep them short as possible. Really long names can make linking difficult.



BAD: vacation 2005

GOOD: vacation2005

GOOD: vacation_2005


BAD: vacation w/family 2005

GOOD: vacation_with_family_2005


BAD: Photos & Music

GOOD: photos_and_music

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Okay, it seems to be working now, thanks for the kicks in the right direction. On the index pages (ie. egypt.htm) I changed the links to lower case (matching the directories) along with all of the paths in the script files (assume this is effected too).


This didn’t appear to be working then either, the frames displayed correctly and the buttons to start, stop, etc. for the slideshow appeared, but no images. I also had to change the address in the index pages that I was linking to from relative to absolute and now it is working.


FYI for future people, I believe the root of this problem was because I used ACDSee’s create a slide show function to generate the slideshows and it does not put it in lowercase, it makes first letter capital in EVERYTHING - htm files, script files, etc.




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