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Little League Coach


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The coach for the little league team had not yet learned the names of all the players, so he called them by the numbers on their uniforms.


He yelled, "Number 5, your time to bat," and Jeff came to the plate to hit.


He yelled, "Number 7," and Steve jumped up.


Then he yelled, "Number 1," but no one got up.


Again he called out, "Number 1." Still no one emerged from the dugout.


The umpire was getting annoyed at the delay, so the coach yelled out, "Who's number 1?"


The entire team responded, "We are, coach. We are!"

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*groan!* That's almost as bad as asking "Who's on first?" and having everyone say "He's playing third!". (For those who don't know, you have to listen to the famous Abbott & Costello "Who's on First" comedy routine.)

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If you ask "Who's on first" the proper answer would be something like "That's right". :)


Who's on first, what's on 2nd and I don't know's on 3rd.

(Sorry, just had to harass you a bit, Steve.)

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Shortstop is I Don't Give a Darn. Today's the catcher and Tomorrow is pitching.
Well, anyway....

"We are number one!"

"We are number one!" is the name of the team sponsor - Total Choice Hosting!

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