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Images Hosted On Tch Not Showing On Firefox


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I have a weird problem... not sure what is causing the issue... whether it's my browser, site or server. It has to do with my main blog... h_tp://blog.chatbug.org/


I am using Windows XP with Mozilla Firfox, and only a few hours ago, images on my blog that's hosted on TCH (e.g. default template's background, smileys) stopped showing up. External images shows up fine, and everything looks in order when I load it up on MSIE6. Haven't got a friend with Firefox online at the moment to test this, but a friend with IE also said it shows up fine.


This problem seems to be specific to my main blog. When I load up my other blog (h_tp://restricted.chatbug.org/), the default theme's background images shows up fine on my Firefox.


Hopefully this may help trace possible problems(?!)... Earlier in the day, I made backups of my site from cpanel. After which, I setup redirection from <h_tp://chatbug.org/blog> to <h_tp://blog.chatbug.org>, backed up access logs and activated hotlink protection. I tested the hotlink protection using <http://altlab.com/hotlinking.html> and images seemed to still be displayed, so I altered the hotlink protection until images weren't. Up until then, images were still displaying normally on my computer.


Later in the evening, when I saw images appearing with borders from modifications to the CSS I did a few days ago, I reloaded, thinking that it might be cached version (possibly by my ISP?) showing up. At first, the borders didn't go away, then all TCH-hosted images disappeared. When I clear the cache on my Firefox and reload the site, the images still doesn't load... not even after a reboot of my computer. Even the WYSIWYG editor in WP admin doesn't show up. :(


I tried to restore the home directory and database backup I made that afternoon, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm stumped as to what may be causing this.

:) :wallbash: :wallbash:


If anyone else has Firefox and experiences the same problem loading my site... or not... please let me know. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

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Last time I had trouble with images not showing up when I thought they should it was because I had turned on hotlink protection, but hadn't whitelisted the subdomain.


But I am seeing images hosted by your server. Here is an example




What are you expecting to see but aren't?

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The "default theme" background for the header (above "Jazz night at Brown Sugar") should be a light blue box wrapping around "blog.chatbug.org" <br> "chatbug’s blog".


My firefox screen captures:




MSIE screen captures:




Well, by the looks of things... it's probably just my firefox that's giving this problem. Hmm... well, guess I'll see if it fixes itself by tomorrow... or I might try reinstalling firefox on my computer.


So long as my site looks normal to the visitors, that's fine. I can resort to using MSIE (unfortunately) until I resolve this problem. Thanks everyone!

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Nope... no ad blockers. The only extensions I use are ForecastFox, Gmail Manager and SearchPluginHacks... which I have had way before I had this weird problem.


Guess re-installation's the way to go. I'll try that sometime tomorrow... it's almost 2am now in Taiwan... goodnight everyone! Thanks again. :)

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