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  1. I almost couldn't believe Australia won 3-1 against Japan! That was such a shocker! I watch the games "live" on Google... watching the scoreboard tick over. LOL!
  2. fall ("trust fall" is one of those trust building games for teams)
  3. Yay! I drew Germany by random in a world cup pool I entered... luck me! Haha...
  4. soccer! (world cup's full of emotions!)
  5. More information on upgrading WordPress here... http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress Also consider setting strict file & directory attributes... in case other user accounts get compromised. Of course, if it's a root compromise, then you're out of luck (but I'm sure TCH won't let it happen. ).
  6. Welcome to the forums, shinyo21. I would be thinking that you have a problem with the PC, rather than the ISP, if you can connect to the internet using the same connection on a laptop. In Windows, you would be able to find some network things to configure under "Settings" >> "Network Connections".
  7. Yes, Paul. The bug has been fixed in version 2.0.3. h_tp://secunia.com/advisories/20271/
  8. Thank, Thomas... my firefox just prompted me to restart... i'll go do that now.
  9. Thanks Thomas... now if I can only get my files to upload correctly......
  10. Hmm... interesting. I don't have a Core Duo, so I wouldn't know if it's normal... but it certain doesn't look like it. Maybe it's time to call Apple for help?!
  11. You will need to purchase the latest version of IPB. What is offered in cpanel/fantastico an outdated version.
  12. One possibility that is not hosted on TCH is to use Gmail for your domain. I just signed up recently... it's free! Find out more at... h_tps://www.google.com/hosted/
  13. Well, whatever technology measures or threats are used against teenagers, more often than not it will fail. Humans are curious creatures, that's why we go to explore the space and the unknown, visit different countries, etc. as adults... and as teenagers, it is normal for them to be curious about sexuality. And just like adults who do everything they can to go to space or travel, teenagers will do whatever's necessary to satisfy their curiosity. Maybe it's just my own beliefs... but I think promotion a healthy understanding of human sexuality is the way to go. If I have kids, I'd rather my kids develop a healthy and positive view and feel comfortable talking with me about everything, rather than thinking that sex is something to be dirty and to be ashamed of... learning instead from pornography, which isn't exactly the best source of sex education someone can have. I think such views may result in them not learning the facts and potentially getting themselves into trouble, contracting STD/STIs or getting pregnant, when they could have known and done better. Now back on the technology side of things, if you use Internet Explorer... cookies are stored in two places, and I think deleting one doesn't necessarily delete the other. Cookies will may give you an idea of what sites have been visited. But then again, finding out what site the boy visited does not solve the root of the problem... [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Cookies [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
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