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Css And Scripts?

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I keep hearing about CSS and about Scripts? What are they exactly and how do they work? I understand they are available in our cpanel. I've tinkered around and looked at the definition, but it's like reading algebra when you are only in 3rd grade. Where can you get the "dummies" version of information?

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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which allows you to create markup for displaying web content. You can learn a lot at w3schools.com.


Scripts are for creating dynamic content for your site. They could be simple code snippets the display "Hello World" to processing forms and accessing databases.


There are "dummies" books for CSS and PHP & MySQL as well as javascript and a host of other web related materials.

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Taking Bruce's explanation a little bit further...


Have you used WORD or WORDPERFECT, etc? If so, you will know that you can type a sentence and highlight it, then turn on the BOLD for that sentence. The next sentence would not be bolded. Then if you wanted to have another header area, you would manually have to BOLD it again. That's the way web pages were coded too. Turn something on, then turn it off...


But WORD and WORDPERFECT also offer STYLES. You can define a specific font, bolding, size, etc for your headers, your table text, your default text in the document . Then as you build the document, you can assign a style to the text so it all remains the same. Your document is built cleaner and faster. And much easier to maintain. You want to take the bold off all the paragraph headers? Just change the STYLE code and all areas of the document that use that style automatically change at the same time!


CSS does the same thing for your web pages!




Come in all sizes... Small scripts can create simple little slideshows for pictures, make MENUS, could have a scrolling marquee, or big things that use databases to help you search your site. Possibilities are endless. Some are FREE some are PAID. Check out Dynamicdrive.com for ideas. For example, take a look at this nice little slideshow.... instructions and SCRIPT are posted. http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/fadeinslideshow.htm

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The best way I find to learn CSS, is to have a fiddle yourself. A simple file in notepad and a browser is all you need. There are some really stunning sites out there which just use CSS alone.


I hope you find what your looking for, any problems, give us a shout



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