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I just received an email from TCH. It said that my domain name is coming up for renewal in June. It instructs me to link and put in my credit card info. I thought I had it on an automatic renewal plan. Anyhow, I recently received a "phishing" email that was very, very official looking from Paypal. It turned out that it wasn't from Paypal at all. So I'm asking TCH - would you send an email like this? Should I forward it back to you so you can see?

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Mae, I doubt it is real

but please open a help desk ticket to the techs

and let them take a look.


You are right to be cautious

I never follow a link that ask me to and enter sensitive information.

before I look at the headers and can see if it is phony.

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The best way to ever check a phising email if you are not sure, is to log into your account normally. That is, open up a browser window, type in the URL manually (don't copy and paste from the email or type what it says) and login in.


If anything does need to be done, then 99.999999% of the time, a message will inform you so as you login in.


As said above, if your worried, post or PM the email to any one of us and we will take a look



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