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Msn Kicking Off Cable Modem


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Does anybody know why msn messenger would make my cable modem stop working? It was working today for a little while but now i can't use msn at all cuz it kicks me off the net and then I have to close msn, unplug my modem and plug it back in to reset it just so i can view the net again. :(


I don't understand it cuz my buddy who has the same cable internet doesn't have this problem.

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So, as long as you are NOT using 'MSN Messenger' -- you can access the Internet and email OK?


Obviously, we cannot provide Microsoft support here. A lot depends on which version of Windows and MSN Messenger you are running. I would go to the MSN Messenger newsgroup and ask the question. If you don't have a newsreader program (Outlook Express, etc) - then click here


Here's a link to someone with a similar problem:

click here


And if you think you are alone ... click here




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Msn works sometimes but when i try it usally have to disable my firewall temp, then try msn then it dumps my connection, so i end up resetting my modem about 4 times before I can actually get it to work & this only works half the time! A little much to do everytime just to use msn services.


Yes as long as i am not using msn messenger the internet works fine without problems.


I was trying to find support on microsoft but i can't find crap on their site and soon became frustrated and gave up...


I run windows XP Pro and the newest version of msn messenger.


Thanks for the links. I will see what i can't figure out :)

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Ok after 2 days of being severly frustrated and pissed off it seems I finally got it working through a http proxy setting.


Note I reformated and that didn't work, then i uninstalled windows messenger and downloaded msn 6.0 and then played with the proxy settings for a bit and now it seems to work now all the time. B)


Good thing to. I was lonely without my little man open on the taskbar -_-

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